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Open Rhinoplasty for Nose Hump

I had open rhinoplasty two weeks ago to get rid of...

I had open rhinoplasty two weeks ago to get rid of a hump that I have been self-conscious about for years. The procedure was relatively pain free. I mostly just felt congested and dry afterwards-I bought a humidifier which was very helpful.

I bruised a lot the second day but it quickly disappeared,--- taking arnica supplements as well. Thus, far I am happy with the results.

I got the splint off after open rhinoplasty about a week ago and my nose was straight with a some swelling on the tip and around the bridge. I have noticed that today, the center of my nose appears a little sunken down--like a dip between the hard bone between my eyes and the swelling of the tip.

Is it likly that there is swelling on the bone that will eventually go down and it will be straight again?

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Hi! I'm in the Portland areas as well. Would you mind sharing who your doctor is? Thanks for any help!
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Hi. I did the surgery exactly two weeks ago and have the same problem. at the center of the bridge my nose looks a bit sunken down. and it also shows from both sides. Did yours get straight again? cos Im very nervous i am expecting it to become better but it seems to get worse :S
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Hi to both of you! I see that you both posted in 2009 so I am wondering if your situation corrected itself (a sunken area at the middle of the nose bridge)... Any feedback would be great!
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