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I’m the person who looks for instant...

I’m the person who looks for instant gratification. ZERONA IS IT! The process worked very well with me. It was effortless. I simply watched what I ate and drank plenty of water. I shrank one whole dress size and lost 8lbs in 6wks. I’ve been off the system now for a short period and am still shrinking. I love it. It’s great when clothes are too big instead of too small.

Love it.

OK here's what I noticed. In photo number 1your much closer to the camera and your arms are pushing backward to create more tension on your back. In photo number 2 the camera is farther away and your arms are straight out making less tension on your back. I'm upset with this procedure as many many of us feel we were scammed.
Hi Iam active athletic and maybe carry 10 extra pounds on my med section,I don't go by weight because I work out with weights 3X per week faithfully, 3X per week cardio
I had 5 sections and I truly would not recommend it.
Did not drop a pant size yet
Thats my honest opinion
Sorry, I don't see that much of a difference, the one photo is just taken farther away. If you just dieted and worked out you could get the same results. Not worth thousands of dollars.

Liliana Laser Clinic

Great at explaining how the process worked,and was very generous with the amount of treatments. In addition she had exercise equipment for use after the treatment to encourage the lymphatic system to drain.

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