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Zerona - Slimming and Easy

The pros. are that it is easy, painfree,...

The pros. are that it is easy, painfree, non-surgical and no risk involved.

There really isn't any con! The only minor thing would be that you have to wear a Spanx one piece, but really you get use to it fast and its fine.

I did the Zerona as I wanted to get rid of fat in places that it is not easy to do so unless you want lipo. If you drink lots of water and exercise moderately, the proceedure works even better.

Liliana Laser Clinic

Very professional and very well informed. The clinic is very very clean and in a fantastic location. All of the staff members are so nice and treat you very well.

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Zerona,, how much fat cell will be reduced after one treatment?
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I have to agree with fwah. The lighting is more flattering in the after photo, and the bra is actually a notch TIGHTER in the before photo than in the after photo. PW1, are these the photos from the clinic? With such obvious lighting differences, one must wonder if they have a "before" lighting setup and an "after" setup. Also, do you recall if someone at the clinic asked you to adjust your bra for one photo or the other?
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I have to agree with Fwah also. There is no difference. The lighting is better and you are further away from the camera so it gives the illusion of a slight difference because of the slight distance. But there is no changes I can see either.
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I'm sorry but how do you not see a difference? I signed up just to counter this comment.. PW1 I can see an amazing difference! I want to do this so bad but for me the options are the treatment OR rent/bills.. probably wouldn't enjoy the results so much sleeping on a park bench. But awesome for you PW1!
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The difference that I notice between the photos is so mild that I can easily attribute it to a slight change in lighting, the arch of her back or the placement of her undergarments. I know that when we spend a lot of money we want to justify to ourselves that we got something in return, but that doesn't mean we did. Furthermore, given how tempting these quick fixes are, I need to assure that I'm getting my money's worth - is a 1 inch change in circumference worth $2,300 of your hard earned money? A $10 dollar per month gym membership could do the same job over a longer period of time. I'm very skeptical about these procedures, particularly those for which the outcome is decided solely by patient satisfaction, rather than a tangible measurement like percent body fat. I would love to hear how the physician who treated this woman measured her outcome, if she would be so kind as to share.
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Good for you iwanthis,

Thank you for being an empowering part of the Zerona community. PW1 looks great and I only assume the weight loss will continue. Here's hoping (crosses fingers) you get to do Zerona too some day, without having to sleep in a park ;). Please stay connected with our community, positive people like you are great to have.

Thanks so much,


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You've got lovely curves, but I'm afraid I do not see any notable difference between your photographs. How did your doctor measure the results? Did s/he at least use body fat calipers or an electronic device to measure your percent body fat before and after the procedure? I think measuring in inches is deceptive given daily fluctuation of water weight and bloating.
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