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Hi there! I recently had a tattoo done on my foot...

Hi there! I recently had a tattoo done on my foot with a friend. We decided to get matchin tattoos but didn't exactly think it through. Anyway the idea was nice, matching dream catchers on our foot. We ended up going to this new shop in town and the guy was a little sketchy but we went through with it anyway. At first we both loved it. Now I've had it about 5 months and the more I look at t the more I dislike it. He "custom designed it" he says. Anyway I'm having mixed feeling on wether I should have it removed or fixed. I'm a girl so I feel like it should have a softer feel to it. The line are just sooo black and the feathers don't look flowy the way I wanted them. The birds were supposed to look like they were flying way but they just look weird to me. I went back and had pink beads added hoping to make it better but now the black lines show through the pink!! An the beads ended up getting infected and just recently healed. Feeling like this is one big mess :(

Please help!!
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Ok so now the question is.. Has anyone ever had a tattoo removed from the foot? Any safety precautions/risks doing this. I've read some pretty scary stories and my research has not been helpful. If anyone has, let me know :)
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I don't think it looks all that bad. At least you can put a sock and shoe over it. If it was constantly exposed, I might feel differently about it but as it is....I think it is fine
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aloha rf12345, Ink regret is not much fun. I have a tattoo that I started the journey on, added to make it better and didn't feel good afterwards. I felt much better after consulting with a laser removal consultant. His words of experience and expertise were wonderful. I have a foot tattoo, that I adore, but if it was to be removed, I would seek professional advice with the entire process. Knowing that you might be required to wear shoes and boots soon you might need to know exactly what to expect. Have you googled laser tattoo removal for professionals in your area? Good luck, keep us posted, and know that we are all in this, we understand the roller coaster ride of emotions. aloha...k
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Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me!! No, I have not looked into it much. I'm hoping it's safe to remove a tattoo from the foot I just don't want to end up with something worse. I'm going to be contacting some places this week. Hopefully this helps me decide. Thanks xo
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