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Hey all! I am going for a consultation March 7th,...

Hey all! I am going for a consultation March 7th, 2013.
I have so many questions for everyone that has already been through this procedure. I have thought about it for the past 15 years and finally have the courage to actually go and see about having surgery. I have suffered from back pain my entire adult life so for that reason alone, I want to have smaller breasts! An added bonus would be better self-confidence and NOT having to buy extremely expensive bras from online shops.

I look forward to chatting with everyone and hearing your stories and getting advice. :)


Thank you for joining the community. I am so glad to have you here and look forward to reading about your journey.

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Went for my pre-op appointment yesterday. I cannot...

Went for my pre-op appointment yesterday. I cannot believe how fast the time has flown. From just talking about actually wanting to have the surgery in October 2012 to my surgery date being only 5 days away! Can anyone recommend a bra that worked well for you post surgery to fit over your bandages, drains, etc? The nurse told me that Walmart sells a front closing "comfort" bra for approximately $10.00. Any suggestions are welcome. :)

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