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Not Sure Yet - Ontario, Canada

Pros: None yet but apparently still too soon to...

Pros: None yet but apparently still too soon to tell.

Cons: Very,very extremely painfull. Had love handles and abdomen done. It took about3 hours and in that time i had 2 Percocet and one Tylenol 3 and some ativan and still in extreme pain, ended up having to take an injectable painkiller and that finally made it bearable. The technician seemed to be skilled. It is just past 8 weeks and no noticable results yet. I will update this post.


I've heard the pain is excruciating. Also concerns about heart problems.
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Very curious on your opinion of Liposonix.  Has it changed?  Are you seeing lasting results?

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Welcome to RealSelf! Did the technician say how long it would take to see results? Please keep us posted; I'm curious to see how this works out as it's not yet available in the US.

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Had my measurements done and inch loss was very...

Had my measurements done and inch loss was very minimal.Nothing noticeable. The doctors office has graciously agreed to re-do the procedure for me. I am hoping for some real results this time. I will re post when i get my results. Also this time there is a new pain relieving protocol, so hopefully it will not be as painful. I can't believe i am doing it again after all that pain last time.


I am very curious as im considering to do the proceedure my self how was the second treatment any results yet.
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