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Zerona to Correct Uneven Waistline After Liposuction

After having liposuction, I was left with an...

After having liposuction, I was left with an uneven waistline. I tried every body slimming, body contouring program out there to smooth out the lumps and bumps. Carboxy Therapy, Mesotherapy, Velashape, Ultrashape, Accent, you name it, I tried it. None of them gave me the results I was looking for. I was not asking for much, I just wanted to look balanced again. Finally, I came across Zerona.

How can this be, no pain, no downtime, just sit back and relax? It was truly the first time I ever fell asleep during any slimming treatment. There was absolutely no uncomfortable sensations, no pins and needles, never an uncomfortable moment...completely painfree!

I had a total of 9 sessions and I lost over 8 inches! This was amazing in itself, but also considering no other body contouring treatment I had tried was able to give me these results. There was no dieting, no working out, just showing up for my appointments. This is the best money I ever spent!

Liliana Laser clinic

The staff are very friendly and personable. They are also very accommodating. I found them to be sympathetic to my concerns and genuine in wanting me to be happy with my results.

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The first one is the after and the 2nd is the before. It's a little bit hard to tell from the front, the results are much more visible at the back but for personal reasons we decided to go with the front only.
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I'll hazard a guess. The TOP photo (purple panties) is the *after*? Honestly, I cannot tell. You look tight and toned, and exactly the same in both. Got a side view?
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When people post before and after photos, it's important to wear the same clothes, take them in the same location, same positioning and lighting or results will not be clear...and oh yeah, please give time frames or dates photos taken. Weight before and after would be good too along with measurements...please.
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