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After 4 Years of Debating.. Its Time - Ontario, Canada

I have never really been happy with my breasts...

I have never really been happy with my breasts before and then after my son 4 years ago they really took a turn for the worse. I have finally decided to go ahead with it.

Alright so it's been about 10 hours post op....

Alright so it's been about 10 hours post op. feeling quite good actually. I have only taken a quarter of my Percocet. I hate side effects of meds so I limit those. I am slightly worried becausey shoulder on my right side aches so bad and burns almost like I worked it out really hard. I'm convinced it's because I painted my entire house a week before my surgery. One day I painted for 10 straight hours. I started to get headaches from it ecaue my muscles were so tight. Also under my armpit on the right side hurts the most. And I was concerned so I called my ps and they said if it gets worse or you can notice swelling call back. It's stayed the same and can't see any swelling and now the other armpit is starting to hurt so that makes me happy. Lol. So Tomorow I'm to take a shower and I'm so nervous to see how they look. I know they will look Frankenstein like because my doctor uses staples and they aren't their proper shape yet but I'm still scared. The right side looks a bit smaller in my compression bra but tere is a crap load of dressing in there so who knows. The procedure itself went well got the relaxant then put to sleep and woke up feeling pretty good. Ate a rice cake. Had some fruit punch and felt good. No nausea. Pain wasn't too bad. I opted for Tylenol instead of pain meds and it worked just fine. So far without taking off dressing I can tell they r def higher up. A lot higher. Yay. I will post a pic after this.
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Your after looks fabulous! I'd love to see how you are healing and how you look now!
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You look really good, how are you feeling since in has been a month+ ? What size implants did you go with?
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yay mom2sincere!!!! Im also 26 and had gained 70 lbs on my first pregnancy. This one only 35 so far but I got 6 weeks to go lol. Really hoping I get good results like you. But look how nice your tummy is. You must of gained somewhere else. My poor stomache is ruined but im having a tummy tuck too. I dies at myself on here always telling other women how nice their boobs are lol. Hows the pain level? Did they do any internal work with the breast tissue or was it mostly just removal of skin?
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They look amazing!
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Slimsoon - thanks!! Lots of Healing left to do but good luck in August! :)
Walktheline - I just hated my boobs before. I felt like at 26 they were very aged. When I was pregnant I gained 70 pounds. So that huge weight loss left my already somewhat saggy boobs before pregnancy to flat pancake knee knockers after breast feeding. I'm recently divorced after being married at 19 so I just needed a confidence boost. I didn't feel that they were heavy before. They just kinda hung there like empty sacks. Loootttss of skin so not heavy. Now I get "morning boobs" where they feel soooo heavy when I wake up and after laying down. But that's normal and kit swelling and such still. I think it's a good idea doin the tt first I gotta tell you though. After the bl I feel skinnier. You can actually see the top of my ribs hahaha. So your final result will be awesome!!! Good luck!!
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i am hoping to have a breast lift after i have my tt in a few weeks. personally i think that your breasts looked perfect before you had the lift. did they feel heavy and like they were hanging? that is why i am having my breast lift. i don't want implants. surgeon turned me down for a breast reduction b/c he said that I would be too flat and it wouldn;t fit my frame. can't wait to see your pics when the healing is done. good luck
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Wow your lift turned out really nice. I can't wait till August for mine. Happy healing!
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Thanks everyone for your well wishes. Heres to hoping I'm happy tmw when I see the new twins.
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Thank you for sharing your story and photos with us here on RealSelf. You're on the other side now. All you have to do is heal! How are you feeling?

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Best of luck to you today, mom2sincere! I had a tt with bl on Jan 9th and I'm thrilled with how perky they are!! Let us know how you are doing!
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Good luck today! I hope your surgery goes well.

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