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Disaster from the beginin I was treated with no...

Disaster from the beginin I was treated with no respect and harsh from the staff, The doctor did a mediocre job and had no concern from me after surgery, I have horrible scars and I look worst after the Life Style lIft than before I had it.


wow!thats too bad. being a former pi, i noticed the dr. i talked to at lsl really didnt care. so i opt out! i agree with u about the sales rep and dr.'s. they really don't care about your welfare. i had mine done with my dr. and fell and look 15 yrs younger. i am 59 yrs old. i was put to sleep thats how my dr. wanted it. and he explained everything in detail what he was going to do to me. this is my 3rd wk and fully recovered after 5 days. no pain after surgery. on the third day i drove 1 hr. to have some of the stiches removed. i took a total of 1 pain pill cut 1/2 for 1 day. i am very sorry about your outcome.

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you can try. send sarah his secretary an e-mail. dr. martin o'toole. **** @p****.com (626) ***-****. make sure u mention my name. they will treat u right. good luck just be persistent with lsl. i am so sorry it did not work for you. we all need a caring surgeon who loves their work, is honest and not just after our money. keep me informed thx former pi delsie

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yes, his name is dr. martin o'toole, e-mail is **** tell him i sent you. let me know when u see him. you wont be sorry. he has fixed problems from lsl before. keep in touch.

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I was out of this page for a while waiting to hear...

I was out of this page for a while waiting to hear from the management company about a refund since they stop all contact with me I decided to do one more atempt througth the attorney general the letters I am sharing now is an adknolegement from them of a 0 result case ( no counting the ugly scars and the huge bill and all the pain and discomfort). I truly hope everyone who are considering to have this procedure back off and go to a real doctor do not be part of the 70,000 unsatisfied clients myself included, I gave them the chance to fix it and the results are the same my jowls and cheeks are saging and deep lines and new ones are apearing each day the body is healing., I do not see my face in the mirror anymore and I stop aplying make up after a month of the second surgery I am now offering discounts for seniors did not happen to me before I had this crap done. I had so many troubles now to get a job because I look so old. I pray every day God make justice and if all of us complain someone will hear us and shout down this scam and give us a compensation not only for our waste money but also for our pain and suffering.I can not ad the documents here but I will send them upon request to anybody so you'll be aware of what you are getting into before it is to late. PLEASE get away from this,

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I forgot to said if anybody want a written...

I forgot to said if anybody want a written afidavit to present in Court about the the malpractice or anything to make your case even in an small claim I am willing to share my experiences for free.

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Here are the pictures from a redone procedure they...

here are the pictures from a redone procedure they respond to the attorney general that they think I had good results and I not entiled to a refund. Do you see a younger looking person? do you see a person who expended almost $ 7.000 in a procedure to look better? do you see somebody close to the results on the tv ads?. If you notice my mouth is out of shape like if I had a stroke. I never saw a doctor performing the surgery non after one month non ever as far as I know an I believe so a monkey could do it. Real doctors in my country ask me if they were drunk or high. After Lifestyle life I just want to hide at my place an never come out I just waiting for my finances to improve to get a good surgery and hope this crooks pay for their crimes somehow. PLEASE DO NOT BE A VICTIM those good reviews are written by their staff. Monica the manager at Sta. Ana facility was trying to coinvence me it was a great procedure until I told her STOP I been there twice and I know for sure it is not.


Carolina Los, thanks for posting your update. I see that you are still not happy with the results. I am wishing that women would post again after 6 months and at one year so that the true results could be seen. I don't think that "happy patients" realize that once the swelling goes away, so do most of the results. I have also noticed that for each and every unhappy post, suddenly a happy post goes up. Amazing. Still hanging at the 53% approval rating... I as a business person would not be happy with that kind of rating. Thats like playing with a snake, maybe it bites you, maybe not. 50/50 chance. Just not worth it to take that kind of risk with your face and a permanent mistake that you cannot take back. I do hope that you find some way to heal and get past your LSL. I had to pay out of my own pocket to have my face fixed by a real surgeon. Thanks again for posting your update. Best, Chrystal Eckes.
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We need to keep pushing complaining to anyone who...

We need to keep pushing complaining to anyone who may help. It just inhumane and cruel an unjust what this company is doing with their lies and bad ethics. If you are unhappy write to your Attorney General your representative any lawyer who may have a case. We have to let people know the truth and hoppefuly we can one day get a compensation for our suffering. They are able to get away because we sign the 0 results form if you are considering this crap read the pages of 0 results because you gonna get them.


Please instead of demanding butchers to "fix" a butcher job, let's demand our wasted money back and go to a REAL plastic surgeon to fix their botch jobs! If someone butchers, they are a butcher. Don't go back to them to fix anything! Thank you for warning everyone!
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It says in your heading that you are in California. California has a very good medical board that will review your case and sanction any and all of the licensed medical workers involved in your care if it is indicated. It costs you nothing to submit a complaint to the medical board and nothing to have their investigators follow up on all the allegations. You do not need an attorney to do this. Make sure if you feel that you have a medical malpractice case against this Doctor and company that you file within 2 years of the time that you realized that your care deviated from the standard of care in your community.

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This institution of so-called doctors need to be reviewed by the Medical Association. All you women whom have had a botched up job or scaring to the degree that its embarrassing to be seen in public, you need to file formal complaints to every entity out there that will listen. I would take it tiu the media. There are enough of you to make noise. Were talking about your looks.... so call channel 2,5,7,11, CNN, 20/20 anyone whim will take notice.
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I just want to ask if it is any update of the...

I just want to ask if it is any update of the lawsuits or setlements I did not have luck with the California Attorney General they sent them a document you sign that you could get no results or 0 results out this Robery, scam , lie and butchery but I contacted a lot of agencies and lawyers that were working on a lawsuits against this Lyyfestyle MISTAKE and horror I look older and older everyday. Please contact everybody and lets NOT BE VICTIS anymore vor Victors


I too was disfigured at LifeStyle Lift in Ontario, Dr. Brian K. Michida, and LSL should be suied for what they did to me, any info u care to share would be great. They don't have Any care or concern, for what they do, your just on a chopping block. Honestly I don't think anyone their really knows what there what their doing, everyone who touched me did and said something wrong.
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I can't believe Debbie Boone misled so many women! I was going to have this done, but after reading all these horror stories, I decided against it. Thank you all! Again, it's pitiful that profile people can mislead so many!
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Do a search for class action suits. If you find any, please advise. I found one referenced by an Atlanta news station and contacted them about it, but no response so far.
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As I said the staff is the worst they do not care about nothing but to get hold of your money and they welfare. The patient is just another fool taking the bait and after that a 0. I tougth the doctor was a decent fellow until I saw his work his lack of interest and the web of lies about this procedure. People have to be very bad and dishonest to make one believe you will look any good after this. Definitly the ones on the video are retouched or had a full face and neck lift propertly done.

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