Don't Panic the Swelling Will Go Down

I received 4 syringes. I had the crease near my...

I received 4 syringes. I had the crease near my forehead between my eyes and creases around my mouth and my cheek bones done. Everything was fine until day 2 and 3 when my face swelled up so bad (I thought OMG what have I done). I couldn't go out anywhere. However, on day 3 I left for Florida and just hoped that I did not run into anyone I knew. I kept applying cold compresses to reduce the swelling. By day 4 the swelling was receding and by day 5 I looked normal.

The results are great. So don't panic give it 5-7 days...and you'll love the results.

Wow, 4 syringes is a lot. I am so glad you are loving the results!! Thanks for making sure everyone knows the swelling will go down. As you experienced first hand, seeing that can be pretty alarming so its great you shared that it reduced relatively quickly for you.

Was this your first time getting any type of filler done?

I've had juvederm about 6 years ago for the crease between my eyes and lips. The results looked unnatural. I hated it. I don't have much of an upper or lower lip and the juvederm made it worse.

I just wanted to comment that the results of the Restylane look natural. I didn't want to look like some of the women you see who "look like they had fillers". I look and feel refreshed.

Thank you for pointing out the difference you experienced with both products. That certainly is helpful info. I'm assuming with the amount of time between injections you may have had a different injector do the Restylane, if so that could account for some of the difference as well.

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