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Lower Eyelit Resurfacing, CO2 Canada

I did this because of my age. I am 50 years old. I...

I did this because of my age. I am 50 years old. I thought I would try the laser instead of using botox or fillers to see if it works. I have never used botox, or fillers. I thought I would start with a small area of my face to see how it works with my skin. This is my first laser treatment.

I had only local anesthesia. They numbed my eye area at least 30 minutes before. Gave me one valium to relax. In the clinic they put numbing drops in both eyes, protective lens over my inner eyes, and gave me several numbing injections around each eye area. The procedure was quick. I did need to take medicine for pain the first few days.

I am now on day 4 and will keep you posted on the result.

Added photo before treatment.

Friday Day 5 after treatment.

Starting to itch like crazy. Stopped taking Tylenol for pain starting day 4 the pain is gone. Have some bruising. Just using Vaseline to keep the area moist. Used an experienced surgeon for this treatment. The yellow old skin is peeling and the pink new skin is more and more evident. All the swelling is now gone. It looks just like a sunburn, once the swelling stops. Still red and pink.

Sun, Day 7 after treatment

All the swelling and itching is completely gone. Definitely by day 6 I could put makeup on. There has been no bleeding. I have been using cold sore medication to avoid cold sores. Started these 2 days before the treatment.

Monday Day 8, Laser is a C02 Erbium laser

The laser used was similar to an erbium laser. Because of my age the laser treatment went deep. I was given a moisturizer to use 1 month before the treatment. I placed this moisturizer twice a day under my eye. This was to prepare my skin for quick healing before the procedure. I was able to wear makeup much sooner then planned. Started to use makeup on Day 6.

I was told in my follow-up appointment that I will see the full effect of this laser treatment in 2-3 months. On day 7 I was already starting to see progress. Less wrinkles, the wrinkles showing are not as deep as they were. I am looking forward to seeing the final result.

My review progress is also posted under CO2 laser treatments.

2 weeks later update.

I am seeing big progress with my right eye. Large decrease in wrinkles healing well.

2 weeks later left eye

The wrinkles before treatment were much deeper then the right eye. So far progress not so good. Hoping the wrinkles will fade more with new skin that is forming.

1 month later left eye

Left eye is improving. There is several large wrinkles that I hope will soon disappear. They seem less deep. But they are still there. Very hard to avoid the sunlight during the summer. Doing my best.

1 month later right eye

Right eye still has some pink skin. Looking awesome.

1 month, still avoiding makeup.

Starting to use night creams. The same one I used before the treatment. Avoiding makeup and the sun. Summer is only 4 months long so it is very hard. Will see the full effect in August.
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Did this aid in tear troughs?
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Not sure, I think it is more for wrinkles, age spots, scars so forth. I would check with a doctor to be sure.
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Please keep posting so I can see ur progress. I can really see the difference on both eyes but u r right that one shows more improvement than the other. Good luck.
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Thank you will keep posting.
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How r u doing? I am thinking of doing this and am interested in the updates.
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Hi, waiting now to see the full effect. They say it takes 2 months to see the full results (August). Still a little red but makeup covers it.
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Thank you so much for posting your progress, looks great so far! I look forward to seeing the final results. 

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Thank you. Laser: Co2 (erbium laser) was used. My review progress is also posted under CO2 laser treatments.
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