DAY TWO: Now I Know Why They Call It the Invisalign Diet. -Ontario, CA

So I'm on day TWO of my Invisalign treatment, and...

So I'm on day TWO of my Invisalign treatment, and I cannot express to you how happy I am to finally have received my trays! I've waited about three years to finally do this, and I am so excited to have the smile I've always wanted. My teeth aren't THAT bad, it's probably more of a vanity thing, but it's how you feel about yourself, right? So anyhow, I keep hearing about people getting really dry mouths and constantly needing to drink water - I'm not sure if I'm the exception to this rule or not, but I feel like I'm salivating more than usual. Is that a good thing? I suppose it's better than constant dry-mouth! Also, my teeth better be sparkling by the end of this with the amount of times I brush per day now! But moving on... I put them in yesterday around 4PM, and today I took them out to eat lunch...which is when I discovered why they call it the Invisalign Diet. Whenever I bite down, an aching pain disperses across my back teeth. Terrible, but not unbearable. Soup for me for a while! I'm hoping it gets a little easier, mostly in terms of not being completely irritated with plastic in my mouth (I kind of feel like a kid on Halloween with those plastic vampire teeth), but I do get buttons next it might get a little worse before it gets any better!

I'll keep you all posted! Fingers crossed!
The buttons seem to serve a dual purpose...1 of which is to make sure you put your tray back in to cover the buttons... otherwise your inner lip is shredded....

I'm an Ontario who got the Invisaligns on Monday eve too! They put buttons on right away, and I'll tell you now that they are horrid things, but my Ortho and I found a compromising solution. The buttons scratch my mouth when I take the trays out to eat, but we came up with a solution: Dental wax. I slath it on the buttons before I eat and it doesn't hurt. I just need to make sure I take off all of the wax before I put the trays back in, otherwise they won't fit (and I'll be brushing anyways after a meal). It's been almost 72 hours since I had them put in, and they DO hurt, my teeth are tender, but I'm eating regular foods, just softened. I slow-cook my meat so it's tender, I soften my veggies for a few mins on a hot pan so I can eat them, and cool foods like yogurt and sherbet are my small dose go-to's if my mouth is really hurting. For the headache pain, I'm using the Motrin specifically for headaches, and I'm fully functional. I can't say this has been easy or that I didn't just want to jump out of a window these past 3 days, but the marked improvement today makes me feel MUCH better about the decision to get Invisaligns (which I was seriously thinking of removing after the first day). Hang in there, I feel your pain, but it'll get better!!!

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