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Love This Stuff! Exactly As Promised.

The before and after photos are exactly the...

The before and after photos are exactly the results I experienced. Longer, thicker, darker. My eyelids are reddish/brownish. If you don't wear makeup much, I wouldn't recommend this because your eyelids will look bad. I wear makeup most every day so not a big deal to me. Also I grew little lashes close to my tear ducts. They pull out really easily and painlessly - don't even need tweezers. Bought it to prepare for my wedding rather than extensions. Lashes reach up to my brows. Beautiful!
We'd love to see some pics of your eyelashes!  Sounds like you've been having a great experience so far- how long did it take before you noticed your lashes were longer?

Right away I noticed my eyelashes stopped falling out. Then I noticed more lashes growing in 2 weeks. By 3 weeks they were MUCH longer and the final results in 5 weeks. They were up to my eyebrows. LOVE THIS STUFF!!! I only have to use this every other day now. My eyes are brown and I didn't see any change/darkening in the color of my irises as some people do. Maybe this only happens with lighter eye colors? Not my experience. I will try to get some pix. :D

Don't have a before photo

I added a photo... I am only using this every other day.
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