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Love This Stuff! Exactly As Promised.

The before and after photos are exactly the...

The before and after photos are exactly the results I experienced. Longer, thicker, darker. My eyelids are reddish/brownish. If you don't wear makeup much, I wouldn't recommend this because your eyelids will look bad. I wear makeup most every day so not a big deal to me. Also I grew little lashes close to my tear ducts. They pull out really easily and painlessly - don't even need tweezers. Bought it to prepare for my wedding rather than extensions. Lashes reach up to my brows. Beautiful!

Don't have a before photo

I added a photo... I am only using this every other day.
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We'd love to see some pics of your eyelashes!  Sounds like you've been having a great experience so far- how long did it take before you noticed your lashes were longer?

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Right away I noticed my eyelashes stopped falling out. Then I noticed more lashes growing in 2 weeks. By 3 weeks they were MUCH longer and the final results in 5 weeks. They were up to my eyebrows. LOVE THIS STUFF!!! I only have to use this every other day now. My eyes are brown and I didn't see any change/darkening in the color of my irises as some people do. Maybe this only happens with lighter eye colors? Not my experience. I will try to get some pix. :D
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Wow you saw results pretty fast, congrats!  You could probably get away with using it every three days if you are interested- I've seen some of the docs in the Q&A say that.  I think the iris darkening only happens with light brown eyes and the other light colors.  I have light blue eyes and I never experienced any darkening but I was really careful about getting too much product on the brush.  
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