One Week of Pain for Bigger Boobs? Sign Me Up!

I kept a diary during my recovery from breast...

I kept a diary during my recovery from breast augmentation. Looking at it, I was miserable beyond description the first week and doing fine after that. Isn’t it obvious why I got it done? ROFL I wanted bigger boobs! At least I can admit it was a total vanity experience. Before the procedure I was a B and now I’m a D. BIG difference. For the first week I had so much trouble with my drains and I didn’t sleep at all. They gave me painkillers and I called three times to try to get higher doses but they wouldn’t give them to me. OMG it was the worst! I went through periods of being very hot and very cold and couldn’t do anything about it. The aches were HORRIBLE and I also was constipated (TMI, sorry) for 6 days and I didn’t feel well again until 7-8 days later. Then the second week everything started improving. My drains came out and I had my follow-up chat with my doc. I got the first glimpse of my new boobs as the nurse redressed me and it was GREAT. OMG! What motivation! My advice: Prepare for the pain. Recovery HURTS. If it’s still worth it then it’s a successful procedure. Also, choose your doc wisely. Some regular docs try to get away with doing plastic surgery and they can mess you up. I don’t believe in personal recommendations. Everyone’s experience is different. It’s embarrassing to ask but a good doc won’t be afraid to show you his certificates and diplomas. You can also check online with whoever certified him to make sure he’s telling the truth.

I just had mine done a week ago and I felt the same way, at night I would constantly get cold then hot and got a slight fever nothing too serious, I called my ps he said its normal. I have been feeling a tug on my left incision though, a sensation as if my stitches were breaking open but the incision line looks perfectly fine it only occurs with certain positions. I thought it was the stitches at first but after they removed them I still feel it. My ps said it's normal, has anyone experienced that? If so when does that feeling go away.

asabasha< Could you provide me with your doctor info? I am new in Chicago and clueless about any doctor here. You can email me. thanks!

Thanks for your post! I just got mine done 4 days ago and the first night I got home, it wasn't so bad... probably because I was still on meds... but the past three days have been hell! I think I caught a fever? But since you've stated you went through hot and cold phases too... maybe it was just normal? I'd be in bed shivering and wearing layers of clothes, and then all of a sudden sweating and dying for air! Did you go under the muscle or over? And how many ccs?
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