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One of the Best Decision's I've Made

I was always self-conscious about my nose - it was...

I was always self-conscious about my nose - it was a "family" nose, with a slight hump in the bridge.  I felt as if people were horrified by my profile (even though logically I know that's not the case).  I always hid behind my long hair, and had no self-confidence.  I made the decision to talk to a surgeon about rhinoplasty at age 23. 

My doctor didn't try to create a nose that didn't work with my face.  He explained that a lot of what people dislike about their profiles is not so much their noses but their chins - it's all about contrast.  I did have a chin implant, and he used cartilege to build up the area at the top of my nose; that area receded and made my nose look larger.  He smoothed the bridge out and refined the tip slightly. 

The day after the surgery, I thought for certain I'd made a mistake.  I looked like a pig-monster, my entire face swollen and my nose taped up such that all I could see were my nostrils.  My eyes were black and I felt terrible - you swallow a lot of blood during rhinoplasty.  However, day by day, it improved.  The bulkier bandages came off and I could begin to see what my profile would look like; I was so excited.  I had the surgery on a Wednesday; I was back at work two Mondays later - slightly swollen but feeling good.

Actually, I did look perfectly fine just as I was, but I'm still happy I had the rhinoplasty.  17 years later, I still love my nose and my profile.  I don't know if I would be the confident person I am now if I hadn't had the procedure.  If that's what it takes to make you free to concentrate on more important things, my advice is to go for it. 

$15,000?? that price is a lot, especially if you had the surgery 17 years ago!
Peter Coggins

First rate, perfectionist

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