One of the Best Things I've Done

I went through breast implant surgery in April...

I went through breast implant surgery in April 2000 and have no regretted it once. I love them! I had saline 450cc through the areola. The surgery was quick and relatively painless with followup meds. I did have issues with nausea and vomiting after for about 2 days. At first they were incredibly hard, but that wore off after a few months. In early 2001 I became pregnant with my son. I breastfed him with no problems for 9 months. One complaint is that when I weigh more, they look saggier, but it's really only me who notices.


who is your doctor in san jose?
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I'm glad your BA went great, I would like to ask if you got full sensation back with both of your breast.
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I am looking for a plastic surgeon in San Jose. Do you recommend your Dr.?
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