On My Second Treatment

Well I just had my second treatment done. It is...

Well I just had my second treatment done. It is way painful so I do dread the sessions but I have so far not seen the small knots or scarring that I am reading about here on the other reviews. That kinda scares me.

If you want to know what the pain is like it starts off a little uncomfortable then by the time your leaving the place your area feels like a swarm of bees have attacked you then it moves to a burning beat the hell out of you feeling where it hurts to bend over or touch and any movement is pretty bad. Then you just are really really sore for about 2 days and swollen with a bit of bruising. Then after about 4-5 days your pretty much back to the usual.

I was told at my place that it is not permanent as someone else was told but more of a jump start if you eat right and exercise but that yes it can come back.

I actually went in for laser hair removal and saw a pamplet on this and had to try it. I have had 5 kids and hate my lower abdomen so that is where I am trying it. I don't know how anyone does this on their thighs or butt because of the extreme pain that you have for the first couple of days. However if this works after 5 treatments like they say then the pain is not so bad that I wouldn't do it for that reason, however I will be angry if no results.

I am seeing alot of people spending over 2k on this and thinking why is there such a large discrepancy in pricing? i did get mine half off however so normally far more expensive. Laser hair removal however painless. All in all so far so good.

Bioderm Laser and Skin Care Center

Because they are affordable and nice and professional.

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veleashape is a good idea, if you cant afford that then the infrared sauna is good too. drink lots of water and sweat!
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I just had my second treatment. I am combining it with Velashape. The first treatment didn't hurt initially, but I was extremely sore and swollen for days afterward. So much so that I thought I might have the flu. I did notice a difference and just went back for my second treatment. I did not get so sore this time. I think combining the two is the trick. I have an awesome doctor and he takes a lot of pictures. when I am finished I will post them. But the pictures do not like and it is WORTH IT, at least it has been for me. I will keep you posted.
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