OMG! Painful!

So, I finally decided to invest in making my teeth...

So, I finally decided to invest in making my teeth whiter and decided to go with Zoom. Prior to Zoom, I used the Crest whitestrips once as the strip caused too much sensitivity, I had to remove the strip.

Needed and alternative method of whitening and decided to go with Zoom. I really should have just left my teeth the way they were. I told the dentist about my Crest strip problem so she gave me 2 Tylenol before the procedure.

I had the procedure completed in four 15 minute sessions (I thought was only supposed to be 3 sessions, but what do I know?) The last session was tolerable but did experience zinging pain shooting trough my bottom teeth which is when I should have told the technician to stop, but again, what do I know? Right?

Finally, machine beeped and the technician removed the "protective covering" and asked that I rinse. OMG!!! Rinse with cold water? NEVER AGAIN! She immediately gave me 4 Advil this time. So, I go home, go to work, and the pain is pretty severe. The procedure was completed at 1:30 and now it is 7:00pm and my bottom teeth are throbbing pain bad!!!! How much Advil can I take? I'm already up to 8 Advil so far. How long will this last? My teeth are whiter (not worth the pain as I feel like they could be whiter) and the pain in unbearable and I don’t wish this pain on anyone.

Lets me start by saying I have tried a few different products to whiten my teeth. My mouth is not completely straight so i wanted to try the Aquafresh white trays hoping the gel would get what a strip might not. (also the price point is by far the best! see (

I got my first box for 29.99$, my teeth were looking bad, a lot more yellow then they ever..It took me 2 attempts (2 trays) until i learned how exactly to put these on and make them stay. (Its all about the angle!)I also tryed putting in one at a time, this allowed me much more freedom with be able to close my mouth.

I saw good results right way after the first box, I started that 10 days ago. I just got my second box in, I paid 18.99$ Plus shipping on Amazon.In stead of using 1 set of trays a day I used 2 after my third day of trying.

So I used the first box in 5 days, today 3 days later I'm using the top tray right now.I get the slightest tingle minty sensation around my gum's and the slightest tooth sensitivity and it isn't bothering at all, it feels like i just have a mouth full of slightly chilled water.

I was really happy once I figured out how to use them perfectly, its all about the angle you put it in your mouth and then just keeping the tray in place by not doing much with your jaw.

I actually just got an email for these on a site for a 3 pack(42 trays) Just $32.94 and free shipping! ( :)

OH and people with the spit problem, I had that also..but i thought about it and realized if i used on tray at a time i could still swallow my spit before it mixed with the whitening gel keeping my mouth clean and dry I
use these now for an hour a day...Not a problem for me shouldn't be for you. 30 min watching or reading and 30 min in the shower..
OMG!!! This was totally not worth the pain. I would much rather do the whitening strips. I could only stand three 15-minute sessions, and by the end of the third, my bottom teeth hurt so bad. I am at home now and keep getting shooting pains through my teeth. I would definitely not recommend this procedure to anybody (well, except my ex-husband.!!!)
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