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OMG Do Not Get Consider the Zoom Treatment

Zoom is not worth the bad pain i experienced...

Zoom is not worth the bad pain i experienced afterward! i gave birth twice and would rather do that again then go through the pain i have had after getting the zoom procedure. having already tried the over the counter treatments and not getting the desired results i decided to put my money issues aside and look forward to my upcoming wedding with beautiful white professional whitened teeth with Zoom! i started having one after another shooting stabbing and extreme zinging pain! every few minutes the pain shooting for 1 to 2 seconds! but the pain when it came on from one to ten was a ten! i went to walgreens and got every flouride desensitivity product i could find! nothing helped with the pain i felt except six tylenols every three hours! a day after having it done is still so bad the stabbing pains have subsided somewhat but they are still there! i got maybe 4 hours of sleep after drinking smirnoff ice through a straw along with 4 tylenol pms and one unisom! having to work the next day after the procedure is hell! the pain is still there throbbing away! i was not warned that the pain could be like this! and it was brushed off that it will go away and be fine! well i am not fine and i was not taken seriously that the pain is this intense! save your money and keep from avoiding the possible pain and suffering you could recieve from getting the procedure done! my fiancee is like screw what you are going through i will keep my yellow teeth! and i couldn't agree more! I hope this pain gets better! i am scared i will always feel like this! i feel like someone ripped all my teeth out one by one with pliers!
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I just had Zoom treatment this week (2/2010) and will NEVER do it again. I wasn't warned about the intense pain I would be suffering and my gums are still red and inflamed a few days after the procedure. I can't even drink room temperature water without suffering. I think this is one of those 'treatments' that will be banned in the future because of serious side effects and possible permanent damage. My advice: Do not subject yourself to Zoom treatment. If you want whiter teeth, perhaps try Crest Whitening Strips. At least they won't cause severe pain and ruin your gums.
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I did have a couple of zingers. I took 3 advil before the procedure. I also took 2 every four hours for the rest of the night. Had no problem going to work. Was able to sleep easily and was fine the next day as well. I did have a small amount of a burn on my gum, but it only hurts when brushing. This is very worth it. However, be realistic about the whitening....they will not be venear white!
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