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Been Waiting for a Long Time for my Mommy Makeover! - Omaha, NE

Im 31yrs old and have 2 boys ages 12 and 7! I have...

Im 31yrs old and have 2 boys ages 12 and 7! I have been looking into a breast augmentation for as long as I can remember. I have my surgery scheduled for April 25th and I can't wait!! I am one of those luckily women that didn't get any stretch marks from my pregnancy and also when my boobs disappeared they didn't sag either! I have had a tubal in 2005 and a hysterctomy in 2009. My weight has stayed the same for the last 2 years. For my mommy makeover Im having a breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and lipo!! I packed on the weight in my stomach or I call it my gut after my hysterctomy and cant get rid of it. I have decided to start my diary of my story on here because I have found out and learned a lot of information from the other posts.

Im sor excited I have 1 week until my surgery!!...

Im sor excited I have 1 week until my surgery!! The thing I am the most nervous about is my PS said I cant shower until I have drain tubes out and I shower as soon as I wake up and my feet hit the floor.... everyone keeps asking aren't you worried about the pain, you come back lopp sided, your scar is huge and noticable, etc. But nope Im freaking about the shower thing!!

Post op day 3- Im very sore today and really...

Post op day 3- Im very sore today and really swollen and bruised. Im not having a lot of drainage in my drain tubes. I need assistance getting up and down still. The day of surgery I was pretty much out of it the entire evening. Thank god for my hubby and best friend they really took care of me. I have been crabby and snippy but Im very stubborn and want to do everything my way!! I don't have much pain at all in my chest it is all in my stomach and my butt. They did lipo on my butt so it is very tender!
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Hope everything went OK and you are recovering well.
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Katie6030 are you getting excited?? I told my husband and best friend this is the last weekend of my gut and itty bitty titties! Lol
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We have our MM on the same day - GOOD LUCK! :) It's comforting to know we aren't alone!!!!
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Good luck! I'll bet you can't wait for the results! Which PS in Omaha are you going with?
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Good luck!!
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Thanks!! Im getting super excited and can't wait!! I told my husband this morning in 1 week I will be in a lot of pain but bye bye tummy and itty bitty titties and hello flat tummy and finally some boobs!!
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I see that your surgery day is coming up and wanted to wish you good luck and Prayers be with you. Can't wait to see the new you!
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I am so glad you joined us!  Looking forward to following your journey and seeing the after pictures!  


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