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Results What I Expected - Omaha, NE

I went in for a full tummy tuck and muscle repair....

I went in for a full tummy tuck and muscle repair. As of today (8 weeks post op) my stomach is not flat, I still have rolls and loose skin. I don't know if I will see improvement as they say 3 months is the magic number. I also had lipo done on flanks and hips and thighs. My only concern at this point is my stomach. I did the procedure to obtain a flat stomach and get rid of the excess skin. The experience has been somewhat depressing as I am scared this is my results and I paid to look no different. I did not have much fat in my stomach area, the doctor told me it was more tightening and getting rid of the excess skin.


I've read the some women have skin that does not stretch when pulled. The elasticity is gone. Maybe this is what happened???
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I apologize everyone the title is suppose to say "not what I expected"
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Was your tummy flat right out of surgery? What did your PS say? Thats so scary.
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