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I began to grow facial hair on my neck and chin in...

I began to grow facial hair on my neck and chin in my early 20s that eventually grew worse by my 30s (I was tested and told there were no underlying health issues - it was likely genetic). I have very pale skin and it was thick, dark brown hair that I had to shave on a daily basis. I literally had a 5 o’clock shadow at the end of every day at work – not a pretty sight. When a local med spa was offering an amazing special on laser hair removal, I took a chance that it might be the answer I was looking for. The practitioner (a licensed physician) used a Sciton BBL machine and I received 6 treatments approximately every 6-8 weeks. A clear gel was spread on the treatment areas and each zap of light felt like a rubber band snapping on my skin. While not the most pleasant sensation, it was not unbearable. There was also a slight stench of burning hair. I had what looked and felt like a very minor sunburn after each session, which usually lasted only a day or two. I began noticing a difference in hair regrowth after the 2nd session and it improved each time (patience is a virtue). I was advised prior to the treatments that it is nearly impossible to remove EVERY hair and that a few rogue hairs might remain or develop over time following the treatment. It has been over a year since my final treatment and I am pleased to say that I no longer have a 5 o’clock shadow. Only a few rogue hairs remain and are easily removable with tweezers. This was money well-spent and I wish I could afford to do other body parts!

I should also add that my PCP recommended that I...

I should also add that my PCP recommended that I take spironolactone, which could be contributing to the hair not growing back.
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As stated, it was an "amazing special," which is why I took advantage of it. Only two areas could be purchased at $100 each, so I opted for my chin and neck. The regular price was $1000+ depending on the area.
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I'm sorry. $200? Is this correct? I could have written your story myself, right down to the Omaha part, and I have spent thousands with only so-so results. Do you mean $2000? How on earth could you not afford to do more if you only spent a few hundred bucks?
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Thanks, Kirsty. While I have read mixed reviews about it, I bought a TRIA hair removal laser to try at home on my armpits and legs. The head is MUCH smaller than the professional machine, so it takes a lot of time and has to be recharged often. It also actually hurts, so I have to use a pretty low setting. They claim it is effective in as little as six months, so I guess I'll just grimace and bear it and time will tell...
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Hi there, thanks for sharing your experience with us. I'm glad everything worked out well for you!

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