Should I Get Implants or Not? - Omaha, NE

Dont no if the implants will do me good or just...

Dont no if the implants will do me good or just abreast lift? Any info would be great. I'm 40 y/o and dont plan on any more children. I am happy with the size just not the sag.also wondering if the feeling would differ from implants to a very nervous I will make the wrong decision. Would like to here from experiences.

Thank you for sharing on RealSelf! I would suggest getting at least 3 doctor consults to get a variety of opinions. In general, a lift might make you a bit smaller but only a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who does a physical exam, can advise you on the outcome. A PS will want to see photos of what you would ideally like your breasts to look like. Try finding similar body size/frame/stats in reviews on RealSelf. These "wish boob" photos might help a PS determine whether or not you need implants. Good luck and keep us posted on your research!

it's really hard to tell from the picture but if you like your size and just want to be perkier, then i think a lift is the way to go. my dads girlfriend got just a lift and the change in her appearance was incredible.
Everyone one tells me if I'm going under I just well go big and fill the sag in with silicone. I am a 36 d right now dont no what they would be to fill them in.
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