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No Effect on Glabeller “11s”

I had my first experience with dermal fillers a...

I had my first experience with dermal fillers a couple of years ago, when I went to a med spa for Botox to treat my glabeller “11s” because I was tired of being told I looked “angry” when I wasn’t. While the spa was run by a licensed physician, I didn’t find out until I got there that a nurse does the injections. I was told that observable results could take up to four weeks. Ultimately, I didn’t end up with any kind of result, so never went back. I don’t know if the product was diluted, the nurse unskilled, and/or Botox just wasn’t the right product for me. I eventually went to a different med spa and had good results with Juvederm administered by a licensed physician.

For sure! Me too....I am considering fillers around my mouth. I hate the lines :(

Thanks, Kym;) While I'm sure there are many skilled and qualified nurses out there, my personal preference will always be to have an experienced, licensed physician inject anything into my face.

OMgosh- TequillaMockingbird cracks me up! Great name! Thank you for your response. Now that I work at RealSelf, it is unlikely I would have any injections done by anyone that didn't have GREAT reviews and a lot of them! 


Kym E

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