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I have always have severe nodular acne (level 4)....

I have always have severe nodular acne (level 4). It started early I can't remember exactly when. I have never felt good about my skin. I have tried EVERYTHING. I have been to 2 different dermatologists (because of a move) both have very different approaches to acne. With either of them nothing I tried worked.

I have been on Accutane for about 1/2 a month and have started to see some side effects. Right away I saw the dryness everywhere. Just recently I have started to see some more side effects; sick feeling, heart pounding, excessive sweating, backache, and irregular period. (These are some of the rare side effects)

I decided to use this to keep track of how I am progressing, and maybe to help those who may have some of the rare side effects like me.

Oh shoot, I'm sorry you're experiencing some side effects. Sometimes it can take our bodies a while to adjust to new medications. Make sure you stay in close touch with your doctor's office, too, so they can monitor you.

I hope the side effects disappear and that you start to see some good results soon.

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