Rhinoplasty Changed my Life at Age 15 - Oklahoma, OK

This is my "story" - something I have wanted to do...

This is my "story" - something I have wanted to do for a while now, but have been to shy to. At age 15 I decided to have Rhinoplasty because my nose was really long and had a huge bump in. I got bullied daily for it & hated myself. My surgeon changed my life. I did this for me - b/c I wanted to be happy with myself. This surgery literally changed my life! I would cry myself to sleep every night before... after the surgery I gained the confidence every 15 year old girl deserves. At age 17, I had a chin implant b/c of my receding chin, which I had also wanted to get at the time of 15, but I didn't want to do too much at one time. I had this while wearing braces (this was best to do so my teeth wouldn't move out of place if the braces were off). Neither surgery had any pain involved, and maybe I just got lucky with an amazing surgeon, but I will never regret those surgeries that changed my life. If you are thinking about Rhinoplasty, I say go for it. You have one body, one life, and YOU deserve to be happy with yourself - it is for YOU - NO ONE ELSE. :)

I hope this review helps someone. It took a lot of courage to finally post a pic.
I am now 18, brace-free, and happy (body and soul).
God bless!
(by the way, the $10,000 is covering both rhino and chin)

who was your surgeon? you look great!
Thank you so much, Angie! I don't think anyone deserves to hate themself like I did. It was a true living hell. I think having these procedures saved my life. I hated myself so much, and got bullied to the point where I really wanted to die. Thank you again for your kind words!

Thank you so much for sharing. You look beautiful and I'm glad you feel that way inside too!

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