Wish I Had Done It Years Ago...Tummy Tuck with Lipo - Oklahoma City, OK

I honestly had wanted a tummy tuck for 9yrs, since...

I honestly had wanted a tummy tuck for 9yrs, since my daughter was born. Very unlucky after my first pregnancy, millions of stretch marks and a horrid looking stomach. I had never had any kind of surgery and was terrified to be put to sleep. It got to the point that my stomach was effecting my life, self esteem, and overall happiness. I told myself if I didn't have any more children by the time I was 35, I would have the procedure done. Being a single mom, and the thought of even taking a chance of something happening to me brought me to tears, but for some reason I just had faith that the timing was right, and that God was watching over me.

After years of research, years of going to consultations, I finally found a surgeon I felt extremely comfortable with. After reading about swelling, horrid drain stories, and horrid pain I wanted to put my main thoughts out there. Find a doctor that is up to date on the procedure and does not still use drains.

I had very little swelling the first week, which is unheard of from stories I read w/people that have drains. I also used Bromelain after reading it helped with swelling. I highly recommend the pain pump for five days. Expect pain the first week, but it's nothing you can't handle. I had such a fear of what the pain would be like, because I didn't have that much pain during childbirth w/the epidural. I feel like after reading stories, the pain pump helped a lot. I also recommend using dial soap before and after surgery, I got no infections, healed perfectly well..Use a stool softner for two weeks, and definitly take a pillow with you for the ride home! I carried a pillow with me around the house the first week. My surgeon made me clean out my bowels the night before surgery(magnesium citrate). It makes your stomach light and fluffy and HIGHLY decreases the risk of blood clots.

The surgery is something you will regret not doing sooner :) Email me if you would like to talk further. :)

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I VERY much recommend finding a surgeon that is up to date on procedures, and does not use drains.

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Hi, My TT is on Thursday, curious how the Mag decreases the risk of blood clots? Did your Doctor explain it? I'm planning to eat really light today and tomorrow and to start the stool softners today to help reduce post-op constipation from the percocet. Thanks for the comment on the pain pump, I've been wavering back and forth whether or not to get it. I've heard it can increase swelling because it's adding fluids to the abdomen, but I've also heard people who had great pain control. I've had 2 c-sections and tolerated the pain with percocet just fine, but expect with the lipo this will be more painful! I'm still on the fence with the pump and will probably decide the morning of surgery. Did you sleep in a recliner or your bed? Still trying to decide if I should rent a recliner! any advice would be appreciated! Your stomach looks great!
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Thanks so much for sharing your insights and posting your photos. I'm sure you're helping a lot of women out there who are considering a tummy tuck.

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Sounds like you had a really good experience! Congratulations on your new body. It does feel really good to do this for yourself; you feel like a new woman:)
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