Would Not Recommend Invisalign - Oklahoma City, OK

I have had Invisalign for about 6 months now. I...

I have had Invisalign for about 6 months now. I think getting Invisalign was a huge mistake. They are not very accurate in how they move the teeth. Also the "appliances" are as noticable as regular braces brackets so Invisalign is hardly invisable. I think my orthodontist just sold me Invisalign because I am an adult. I so wish I had done traditional braces. I would be almost done by now and my teeth would be much straighter.

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I know exactly what you mean. I've got Invisalign top and bottom but also brackets on four teeth (very noticeable) as well as buttons and rubber bands from top to bottom. What's the point of having Invisalign if it's so noticeable?
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Sorry to hear your treatment isn't going as planned. Have you mentioned your concerns to your ortho?

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