TT and Lipo July 17. So ready for this.

I am of asian decent and It is a taboo to have...

I am of asian decent and It is a taboo to have cosmetic surgery so It is hard for me to be able to talk about my feelings to anyone, but I do have the support of my husband and 2 boys and my daughter-in law. My surgery is scheduled for July 17th I am having a TT with lipo on flanks and lower back, so scared but excited to. I lost alot of weight in 2000 approx 40lbs I am know 133lbs 5" 1' want to lose 5lbs bfore surgery hope I can do it. I would appreciate the support and just been able to talk to someone would be wonderful. How many dress sizes d you go down after surgery? I had a hysterectomy in 1997 also. When I sit down my fat rubs on my legs not a good feeling at all. I hope my nerves do not get the better of me.

Hi missourimom! I am a Missouri mom also :) Please feel welcome to visit my review. I am getting multiple procedures, so my review is under Mommy Makeover. Although it is not taboo for me to have cosmetic surgery, there is still a social stigma and I have only told a few close friends & my children. My youngest daughter seems critical of the breast lift/augmentation, but maybe she will come around with time. She has a perfect body, so I don't really expect her to understand ... Good luck getting ready for your surgery! I am more than happy to share any ideas or experiences, so feel free to ask :)
Hi Britmom, Welcome!!!! This is the one place you can share your thoughts, worries, and feelings and you will not be judged. So many women on here have helped me, only someone making the same choice can relate to you. So welcome. I had a full tt with lipo of flanks, hips, uuper abdomen and inner thighs on June 19th, so today is post op day 11. So happy I did this!!!! First 48 hours are not easy at all, but every day is better and better. I am down 9lbs since morning of surgery :)) Check out my before and after pics I think they will encourage you. So glad your hubby supports you, as that is SO important.
Congrats on your upcoming surgey! I'm glad you have the support of your immediate family even if the rest of your family members don't understand. The most important thing is that you're happy & feel good about yourself! I'll be having a TT July 23 & it can't come soon enough. Can't wait to follow your journey:)
Dr Panchal

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