A Little over Two Years Later...it's Not Looking Good - Oklahoma City, OK

I was a newly engaged single mom in nursing school...

I was a newly engaged single mom in nursing school when I scraped up the money for the smile I had been dreaming of since I was a self conscious kid in junior High in hopes of actually being able to smile in my wedding pictures. I have dutifully worn my trays and gone to my appointments for over two years now (about 26 months) and gone through two revisions (the second of which was because the engager wasn't even engaging on the very worst, crooked tooth I have). My dentists office informed me that clear correct tried to charge me extra for second revision - even though it's not my fault it's not working because I have had maximum number of trays. So finally i am supposed to be at the end...I get my revision. 4 trays. No Engagers. Ive just begun number three of four and am seeing zero change. No movement in the most crucial place. I am losing hope of a good result and am not excited to attempt to get a big out of Town company to fulfill their commitment....and finish this job. I haven't complained about postponing my wedding. (my plan was supposed to be 16 months I believe). I just want straight teeth as promised. I am an absolute wreck as the final weeks approach.

I was right. Just got the news that I will have to pay $200 to "keep trying". And even if I do they are not sure if it will work. I have never heard of a bad result with invisalign...maybe I should have just used it. Ironically I got my dentists name from invisaligns website and he no longer used it - had switched to clear correct and highly recommended it. I'm in limbo now. Do I give in to something I don't agree with and pray it works or walk away on principal and go to a reputable orthodontist? Makes me wonder if this was intentional considering the lack of engagers and intervention in this last phase??
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Very sad that it is not looking like the product will work and my dentist has given me the impression that I will be expected to pay additional money for it not working as promised I attempted to post a picture but it would not let me

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