Too H-O-T

I hope my title doesn't offend anyone but that...

I hope my title doesn't offend anyone but that expression was on my mind. While on vacation recently, I was referred to by strangers as 'tig o bitties' because my name unfortunately slipped their mind (surprise!)

I've always been known as the girl with big boobs. Like so many others here I was ridiculed by friends and teammates in jr. high for being flat chested. Then one summer while playing softball, I could have sworn I swallowed softballs! I wore a sports bra nearly everyday so it was difficult to know what size bra I wore but before summer was over I was wearing two sports bras trying to tame the twins! Naturally, I wasn't as big then as I am now but my boobs have always been too big for my body. By the time I reached prom I couldn't wear those cute strapless dresses because stapless bras couldn't support my chest. I had a woman sized chest as a teenager and I was a very good girl that got very bad (unwanted) attention. I went through an eating disorder phase because my big boobs made me look big in my clothes.

I met a guy, he didn't mind the boob size. He knew (and as my husband, still knows) I have always wanted a breast reduction. I discussed a BR with my Dr. who told me I may not be able to breastfeed when I have children. That has always been important to me so I decided to grin and bear it until I had children. For many years now I've had to endure the all too common comments:
"What size are you?"
"Have you always been that big?"
"Have you ever considered a BR?" (Duhhhh!!!)
"What does that feel like, you know, to have such big boobs?"
"Can I have some of your boobs?"
etc, etc, etc.

My male OBGYN, during a breast exam, asked me the obvious question, "Have you ever considered a BR? I've seen several women who have had them and they were not nearly as....(awkward pause)....blessed as you are." I explained to him like so many others my reason for waiting. I was thinking to myself at the time, "can we please wait to discuss my boobs when you're not fondling them?"

I've been teased a lot about my boobs but I have a good sense of humor, as does my hubby. I don't take the jokes personal but sometimes they embarrass me.

After college, marriage, and two children I am ready to get the ball rolling! I met with two PS's recommended to me by my OBGYN. I chose my favorite and waited to hear from my insurance company. I whole heartedly expected to be denied because most people have told me they were denied at least once before they were approved. I got back from vacation, checked the mail, and there was an envelope from my insurance co. It felt like scratching a lottery ticket as I opened it. My husband was with me and I said out loud "Oh sweet Jesus!" He reacted as if something was wrong so I read it aloud and he said so that means you're covered...(insert smile) because my hubby is a tight wad! He feared having to pay for the entire BR. I immediately called the PS office and the nice lady set me up with a pre-op appt. and scheduled the BR for August 29th. The timing is not ideal but I can't wait any longer. I am self-employed so no paid time off and I won't go into the specifics of my profession but 2 weeks off makes me panic. I don't know how I can pull that off. So I am hoping I can return to work in 7 short days. (fingers crossed!)

I've been showing my hubby the before and after pictures (sorry ladies, I hope you don't mind) to prepare him for helping me after the BR. He is trying to convince me to take pictures and post them but I think he just wants to play photographer (he's a perv...LOL!) I don't know, if I can get passed the idea of having my girls on the internet for all to see! Thanks for reading my story. Even if nobody reads it, writing this was therapeutic!!!

I forgot to share the details. I am a mother of 2...

I forgot to share the details. I am a mother of 2 small children, 27 years old and currently wearing a 38J (US). I'm a little heavy for my size right now, 5'4" 180 lbs. I've always joked with people that I'd be at least 10 lbs lighter without these huge boobs! My hubby and I would be happy if I came out with a full C and maybe even a D. Read a funny comic a few minutes ago posted by Acs2656! Seriously funny!

Hello! 2 more nights before my BR. I think I have...

Hello! 2 more nights before my BR. I think I have everything ready. My only worry now is the drive home from surgery. My surgery will take place in the ps's surgery center. I live an hour away & if you have ever been in Oklahoma, you know our roads are riddled with pot holes. Then I have to turn around and drive back to his office the next day for post-op appt. I have family in the city but I know i will be most comfortable at home.

I guess I could say I am having a little bit of identity crisis again! I trust my ps and I'm confident he will do a great job but I know people aren't perfect and if something bad could happen, it would probably happen to my nips die or something! Kind of like flying, you know thousands of flights take off and land safely everyday but the day you fly it suddenly seems scary! I also know this BR will Make me look fatter rather than skinnier. My big boobs hide my gut and without the camoflouge my gut will take center stage!

I feel a " nesting " urge but it has to wait until tomorrow because my two little one's can undo all of my hard work in record time. A weird thought passed through my mind just now...should I wear a bra to surgery? Knowing I will have to take it off and obviously won't need it after surgery! Nah, I better wear one, I'd hate for one to jump up and knock me out cold on the way over :)

I'll try to post before pics soon! If you've read my posts, you'll know posting my boobs on the Internet feels A little awkward.

Can't post pics from iPad??? Only gives me an...

Can't post pics from iPad??? Only gives me an option to submit a YouTube video.

Is it worth it?? Oh hell yeah :) Before surgery my...

Is it worth it?? Oh hell yeah :) Before surgery my nerves were a mess. My hands were twitching I put my surgical gown on wrong, I told the anesthesiologist wrong information, thankfully my hubby was there to pick up the pieces. PS came in to do his art work and gently held moth of my hands in my lap and asked if I had any concerns. I discussed them with him and his confidence put me at ease. My nurse was also unbelievable. They seemed to genuinely care and made me feel like I was the most important patient they had. Of course i got my cocktail through IV that made me feel high, shortly after she told me she was giving me sleepy meds and that is my last memory before I woke up in recovery. My first words were, "OMG, I can see my feet!" Nurse laughed. Husbands reaction was one of shock "WOW!" My mother, step mother and aunt were also there and they were also shocked at the difference! PS told me they removed a total of 6 lbs. so basically I was carrying a newborn baby on my chest! I was extremely dizzy and nauseaous, broke out in a sweat once. Then i started to notice my lungs felt heavy and when i took a deep breath it didn't feel like I was getting enough air. The nurse check my monitors and notive my BP dropped to 107 over 60 from 128 over 68. She called it some fancy term and said that happens occassionally. She fed me ice and crackers until my stomach and breathing settled. PS came back to see me and told me I looked great then gave my a head a cute little pat and scratch like parents do to their children. HE was such an awesome doctor. The nurse gave me a shot in the butt before I left so prevent nausea on the ride home. I don't really remember the ride home except my hubby and mom stopped for some fast food and got me to eat half a grilled cheese and some apples. The apples were delicious! I needed to eat so I could take more meds when I got home. I was extremely exhuasted once I got home. Couldn't keep my eyes open if my life depended on it. I was passing out in mid sentence sometimes.

My support team (mom, aunt, and hubby) did a great job too. I never had to lift a finger. They mad sure I took medications right on time, aunt cooked dinner for my family, and husband made sure I was up every 2 hours taking a 10 min walk. He would walk with me and hold my arm...cutest thing ever! If you knew my husband he is rough and tough kind of guy, so seeing him baby me like that was cute. He is more concerned about clots and infection than I am, I think he is afraid I might DIE or something and he's be left to take of house...LOL! He told me later that night, " this is a lot of work for one guy to handle." I laughed bc he only has to do 1/2 of the work I usually handle. He is pretty funny.

I haven't been able to peek at my new boobs but I have a post op appt today and I will get to see them. They don't hurt, just the stinging and burning pings sometimes. I'm so excited about my new boobs, when I look in the mirror, I think the compression bra is sexy. LOL. Know matter what I see at post op today, It cannot possibly spoil my happiness!

My children have also been very patient with me, considering they are age 3 and 1. My 3 year old says, "mommy what happened to you boobies? DId the dr. cut them, did you get band-aid?" "Does it hurt? AWWW I sorry, you want me kiss it make it feel better?" He then says. "What happen to sissy's milk? Where did it go?" He knows too much for his age sometimes, but his comments and concerns were really funny! My 3 year old also brought me flowers and a balloon he picked out while with our aunt today! My kids are awesome. My one year old wants me to hold her so instead my family laid her in bed beside holding my arm and that was enough to satisfy her! I have caught her looking at my chest then looking at me with a slightly confused look on her face. I think she is aware of the difference.

I have also had several compliments on how thin I look now. I do have a belly that sticks out passed my boobs now but I'll target that when I'm healed. My PS already knows I'm coming back in a year to have a TT. He told me he usually does a TT and BR in pairs. Once someone does on procedure, they are likely to come back and get the other. He also told me that as I lost weight my boobs may begin sagging, nothing like before, but It will be a notable difference. HE said that a lot of times women that this has happened to will come back for implants. I was like "No way!!" why would I ever want to make my boobs big again! I'll just wear a push up bra. well my meds are kicking in and I'm passing out at the keyboard. Talk to you later!

Sorry about all of the typos in my previous post....

sorry about all of the typos in my previous post. I blame it on the meds! But I'm posting my before pics now (out of order I know) but I'm on laptop and before pics were on the iPad! Let me know what you think!

Post op appt was today. It was the first peek I...

Post op appt was today. It was the first peek I had of my new boobs! I must say it wasn't at all what I expected. No bruises (yet) no leaking fluids. The incisions were clean. The sponges on my nips were a little funny. They were sewn into my skin but not painful at all. No drains either. I go back next Wednesday to have the staples removed. I must also say that my compression bra is my b.f.f when the ps took it off for the exam the feeling scared me! I thought my boob matter was going to end up on his shoes. My mess are kicking in and I'm faLling asleep as I type. I will try to post more tomorrow

I typed a really long post but for some reason it...

I typed a really long post but for some reason it did not go through. I'm too drowsy to start over. SO I'll just post pics for now!

Day 4 Post-op New pics Well I tried to go without...

Day 4 Post-op New pics
Well I tried to go without prescription pain medication today! Huge failure. I didn't last an hour before I got scared at how different my body felt. I was afraid the pain would escalate and I would have trouble treating the pain. But I really hate how the percocet makes me feel. I am drowsy all day, I lose track of time, I haven't had a BM (despite treatment), and it makes me super mellow. My mom makes me feel better by reminding me the PS took 6lbs and recovery isn't going to be quick! It also seems like the "pain" i do have is usually on my right side. Then I remembered that I'm right handed, so what little I have been doing is always with my right hand (drinking, washing, writing, eating)

Definitely have a love hate relationship with the compression bra! I like to let the girls breathe and my mom will lightly rub around the sutures to relieve some of the itching. After awhile my boobies are tired of supporting themselves and I cant wait to put the bra back on. Then I have to squeeze the girls together to get the bra around them (not very fun). My mom has handwashed the bra every night and I lay around to let them get fresh air.

Swelling is still pretty significant on the side of my boobs. It even feels different to touch, like it is semi numb. The area around my nipples/sponge is darkening. My mom says its nothing to worry over, so I don't. It's not red like inflammation or blue like bruising.

I like to shower, it feels really good. I do not like all the work after showering. Drying steri strips, patting sponges dry, etc. Plus, I feel like every shower I take increases my chance of infection. How often did you shower? I've been showering every night but I think that may be a little too much. My meds are kicking in again and I am literally falling asleep at the keyboard! I hate this!!!

Tonight has been rough, to say the least. I dream...

Tonight has been rough, to say the least. I dream of sleeping on my side again and in my drowsy stupor I turn on my side. OUCH! I have been trying to wean myself from the pain medication, so I felt every bit of that mistake. I did not realize how difficult it would be to sleep without my pain meds. I mostly wanted to quit taking them because of BM drama. I went nearly 5 days before the first BM and it wasn't any fun at all. I had been trying everything to 'go' (fiber, miralax, stool softeners) that when I did I had a belly ache the entire next day.

Anyway, when I turned on my side it literally felt like I ripped open my sutures. I got up as quickly as possible and went straight to the mirror. Took of my pads and thank the good Lord everything was fine. I have been back and forth from the recliner to the bed all night trying to get comfortable enough to sleep. I finally gave up after rolling to my side (causing ridiculous pain) and took a pain pill. This should numb things up well enough I can rest comfortably in the not so comfortable back sleeping position!

I am still very impressed with my PS. I haven't had to call his office one time for any concerns. My boobs leak very little if any at all throughout the day. Bruising- I haven't really noticed any but my hubs says it looks a little bruised around my incisions under the boob. However, I have not had the pleasure of seeing my nips. I have sponges on them. I pray I have not spoken too soon. I had a FNG and by reading reviews, FNG usually cause some glitch (big and small) in the healing process. My boobs look so pretty now, I hope exposing my nipples won't ruin the look! It is hard to go out in public with these sponges though. They are difficult to hide in hot weather shirts. Even tshirts won't cover the budding sponges. They make me look like I have really large nipples that are always hard! Kind of funny...

Staples should come out tomorrow (insert sigh of relief). My hubby calls me zipper tits, he's crude, but I laughed anyway. he counted my staples and I have 34 on each breast!! My husband has had staple removed before on his ankle (maybe 10 or 12) and the removal was a painful experience for him. Mind you, he is a big baby when it comes to being injured and sick but I'm worried these babies are going to hurt when he takes them out. I'm saving two pain pill for that special occasion!

What else can I say....I did without pain meds the night before (but probably still had some left in my system) and all day yesterday. I was able to get up and do more without that drowsy feeling weighing me down. I have helped around the house, fixed my own snacks, I've been to town (I live in the middle of nowhere), helped bathe the kids, and put them to bed! I'm drifting off now (thank you percocet) so ta ta for now! O I am adding pics!

One week post-op today!! Went to PS to have...

One week post-op today!! Went to PS to have staples, sponges, and sutures removed. What a freakin relief, albeit painful at the time but such a relief after it was over. The most painful part was the staple removal, especially under the boobs , where the skin was taut. The nurse was really trying not to make it painful but some of them just couldn't be helped.

PS and nurse both said my incisions looked really good and healthy. Nurse said they were the best she has seen since she started 5 years ago! She said we did such a good job taking care of them and she was really impressed. (woot woot!) When the PS came in the nurse had just removed the sponges, but when he came in he sort of chuckled. I laughed and asked if he was laughing at my freakish nipples. The stitches were still in and they looked like long hairs on my nips. He then asked me if I liked the long hairs and if I wanted to keep them (funny guy this PS!) I said "why not, I might make some money on the side at a freak show!" He said everything was super and said I could resume light activity, nothing repetitious, start driving (though I already had). Wants to see me again in a week. He left and nurse continued removing stuff. Removing the staples and stitches cause light bleeding. SO she pt gauze on my nips and instructed me to wet them really well before taking them off, so that I don't peel off any scab, skin, etc, from the dried blood. This is why my nip pic still has gauze on them. She said I can shower forward facing in two days, try side sleeping in 2 days, and wants me to continue "nursing" my wounds for 2 more days.

I feel so much better without all of the tugging and pinching cause by staples. Really they sort of feel like normal boobs now! I also wanted to mention (in case you're reading this before your BR) The nurses suggested using panty liners on my incisions after surgery or gauze. I did NOT like either of those but I LOVED the surgical gauze pads I went home wearing. So I went to Wal mart and bought another box. They were like $6 for a dozen. They are thicker, wider, and longer. I really liked their thickness because the compression bra puts a lot of pressure on/around your incisions. The surgical pad gave me cushion from the band and irritated the incision less. SO you might want to try those. I changed my dressings twice a day, when I woke up and before I went to bed.

My back has also been tense. Partially because I'm not a back sleeper and because I haven't been able to stretch or flex those muscles with limited arm movement. So, they advised me to start doing shoulder rolls, neck rolls, and flexing my chest.

I'm posting pics from today! Let me know what you think...Hope everyone is doing well!

Just adding pics!

Just adding pics!

Day 8 post-op and Oklahoma is freakishly hot and...

Day 8 post-op and Oklahoma is freakishly hot and humid right now! Trying to keep my incisions dry is difficult while sitting at my desk and my boobs start sweating around the band of my bra! Really gross. I also noticed that I was irritating my right incision under my arm. My right incision come up higher and my right arm rubs against it while doing....well anything but sleeping! It hasn't cause any problems but it just bothers me. I also felt random sharp pains in my breasts throughout the day. No bleeding or leaking whatsoever. Hubby saw my nips for the first time today. Reaction- "wow, those are different" I assured him they wouldn't always look so funny but that it would take time to get shape and color. I still walk pretty slow because speed increases bounce and bouncing is still uncomfortable. I don't know how much longer my daughter can go without me picking her up. She is clumsy too (new walker) so when she has big falls she wants me to rescue her. Who knows, this may make her stronger! I worry she will have big 'uns and I pray she doesn't have to deal with them they way I have. I cannot possibly type any longer because they are stirring up trouble!!! Which reminds me, don't raise your also hurts...makes the rib cage expand. So the kids get a lucky break! LOL.

2 1/2 weeks post op. 3 weeks this Wednesday! My 2...

2 1/2 weeks post op. 3 weeks this Wednesday! My 2 week appointment went well. Great healing. Nurse said my vertical incision looked so good I may not even see it when I completely heal. PS said everything was fine. I had a tiny opening on T junction but it scabbed over and I had no problems. PS also said to start using mederma on incisions and wants me to scrub my incisions more. My repy "I haven't been scrubbing them at all just dabbing them in the shower. Scrubbing sounds painful!" He said to do it gently and gave a I must admit that before my BR I was very modest, now I'd show them to almost anyone who was interested...j/k! Really though, it doesn't bother me in the least to show them to family and friends (close friends). When the doctor examines me, I'm totally confident, whereas, before I was really self-conscious. Even though the PS has seen thousands of breasts, my big breasts made me think mine were the ugliest and now I feel like I was his masterpiece! Can't thank him enough! He changed my life in a big way. It almost feels like the feeling you get when the OB delivers your children. They were an important part of my life's biggest miracles and I am very grateful. Especially because the PS and his office treated me like my BR was just as important to them as it was to me. They were equally excited for me. Even though I paid them to do this, their kindness and sincerity felt genuine! My PS has been in the business a long time and he treated me like I was the most important. I even called once to make sure the pain I felt was normal (I did this because I had a very easy recovery and one day my boob just started hurting) I expected to leave a message with the nurse or for the PS. The receptionist immediately put me on hold and less than a minute later the PS was on the phone with me! I was like whoa...this wasn't an emergency, just wanted to make sure this change in pain was normal since I hadn't been in any pain recently. PS said it was normal (nerves waking up) and said to go ahead and come in a day early for my appointment. The attention I received was above and beyond what I expected. You can't buy the kind of care I received from my PS and his staff!!

I went back to work on day 7 post op and I will have good and bad days. By that I mean sometimes my boobs feel sore sometimes not. Today, I made a big mistake, went to a meeting....left important paper on my desk...hurried back to my office (causing more bounce than usual)...boobs hurt like hell all afternoon and evening...still hurt. It doesn't help that my children want big hugs and my youngest roots around on my chest when she gets sleepy! O the pain sometimes makes me want to jump! My boobs have been hypersensitive, like really bad! I can take a drink of something cold and feel like I'm going to poke an eye out but when I look down, there's nothing there! Haha, my nips are still pretty flat. Seatbelts will also cause the "o no I'm nipping" weird!

I'm still wearing compression bra. I'm a rule follower and they said nothing except compression for a few more weeks! I haven't even been tempted to try on a cute underwire yet. I will make it a big day when I can finally wear one. I bought a front close sports bra to wear when I launder the compression bra. Bought a 36 C, couldn't wear it initially, due to swelling, and it fits a little snug now. I still like it because it takes away some of the bounce that hurts, especially when I'm today!

Hope everyone is doing equally well! I can't wait for my shopping trip!
Dr. Mathers

Super great doctor, not a single complaint thus far! I chose him based on numerous referrals from friends and doctors.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Wow I so just realized you're from Oklahoma too! Glad to hear you're doing well, Hope you're enjoying the weather as much as I am the last few days! I'm so tired of opening the door and sweating I know this lovely weather won't last to long I'm sure we'll be back in the 80's before you know it! Hope the rest of your healing goes well for you & so happy to find another Oklahoman here!
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yes i agree the nips look great in such a short time!.keep up the great progress!
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Wow, you look good! I found those same pads at walgreens for a dollar or 2 cheaper, I totally agrees about the period pads I was also buying mine at walmart until i walked into Walgreens & saw them cheaper! I asked my ps about putting something on the pads to keep them from sticking, & he said i could use a small amount of antibiotic ointment on the pad to help,. So far it's working & helping some of the itching. Happy healing!
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Wow! You look great for so early in your recovery! Congrats!
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Congratulations you look wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you.xoxo
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Thank you natalierw!
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My back has been extremely tense too. I'll have to try those exercises. Thanks!
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Yw! My husbands gma just gave me some good advice today too. She is 70+ years old and had open heart surgery last year. So she had a vertical incision that ran between her breasts. Her doctors gave her a small pillow to hug while she slept so that she could sleep comfortably on her side (slightly on her side). She told me to try it so I did it this evening. Unbelievable!!! It worked like a charm. I found a good use for those useless pillows we all buy to complete our bedding :) Just hugged it gently to my chest rolled slightly to the side and voila! the elbows stay in close to my side and supports my breast on the side. The gentle hug keeps the gravity from pulling on the boobs. It felt amazing to rest on my side again!!!! If its good enough for heart patients its good enough for me!
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I forgot to mention I also went back to work today. No real big problems. Some hiccups, like needing to sit down frequently and pinching from staples. Overall it was successful!
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I am a 38j and seeing how amazing your chest looks now is making me sooo excited for my surgery!
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wow..thank you! and congratulations on your journey! this place is a great resource of you don't find the answer to something feel free to ask!
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sorry about your night!! my ps gave me so many lunesta pills and since i had had no pain pills i thought I would try one!! got all settled at 10 went to sleep woke up at 12 wide awake!!! what!!! i thought it was to help you get a good nights aleep!! lol. i finally at 2 got up and took a pain pill! i was very uncomfortable all night!! ready for drains to go so i can feel a little bit free!!!
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amen! I'm going to ask the ps for something to help me sleep if this continues. hope you get a better nights sleep this evening!
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Your pictures look wonderful! In my own personal experience, I wasn't off pain medication until about 7 or 8 days post-operation. It is obviously your decision if you want to take less, but I wouldn't feel rushed or forced to stop altogether. That's what they are there for! I wasn't allowed to shower until 5 days after surgery. I took a couple baths and my mom washed my hair in the sink -- boy was that a challenge! Even showering now is a hassle and I feel so exhausted after. Good luck with everything!
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Thank you! I am continuing to take the pain medication, it is just too uncomfortable without it. It also forces me to sleep, which if left to me, I probably would not get the rest I needed. The medication leaves me no choice. The PS office asked me to avoid baths because they were laden with bacteria but I sure would enjoy one. I really cannot wait for the staples to be removed and I can massage them with Vitamin E oil! In the mean time my mom lightly rubs around the sutures to relieve some discomfort. My husband thinks this is amusing!!
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Staples? Wow! Ouchy. I made sure to scrub my bath really well before I came home from the hospital ;) Plus, the water never came near my chest. I was told not to put anything on my stitches. Ugh! Can't wait for them to come out!
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Sunnylou- I took a bath this evening!! Against my PS's advice, but (like you) I figured my mom cleaned it well enough and the water won't go near my boobs! I really needed this hot bath to help me relax and it was great! Also, my legs needed a date with the razor!
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Thanks so much for sharing your journey. I too recently underwent a breast reduction, was a size G, after 2 children, (now in their early teens). Am a self employed professional, and put off this procedure for years for all the reasons I have read repeatedly from other women, who are too busy being responsible for everyone else, family, friends, employees, staff, patients, etc. and struggling through the everyday twists and turns that life unexpectedly slips in front of your path without warning. I'm about 10 days post surgery and can honestly say that from day one, I have been ecstatic with the difference in all aspects of my life this has made. I almost feel that reading your journey reflects my own and am right there with you girl! Congradulations for taking the time to take care of yourself, especially so early in life where you can truly reap the benefits.

Life's journey as a women is hard enough with the sometimes overwhelming weight of responsibility (both real and self imposed). Having to bear the weight of and lug around even more mountains, no pun intended, ha, then we already do as women,is crazy. I too am so glad I finally slowed down enough to take care of myself for once. Chronic lower back pain improved immediatly since the muscles don't hsave to constantly strain to hold me up against the weight of my "ex-girlfriends". Everyone notices I'm much lighter in spirit. No not just the pain medications! But less back pain, better balance, loving how I look in my "little" post-surgical support bra. Can't wait to go and shop for pretty little C cup bras and clothes! I know you will be having fun right along with me.
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redone58 It is very difficult to focus on myself with two little ones. I have a great support team that keeps reminding me to relax and let them take care of the house and kids. I also cannot wait to go shopping for cute little tops and bras. But I really should not be in public right now while on this pain medication. It makes me look and act like a freak! Thanks for your support and I hope your BR journey continues to go well!
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You look great, take as much rest as you can. I am day 10 post op and my energy levels are much better than those first few days.
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You look great!
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Thank you! I really appreciate your comments. My last request to the PS before surgery: He held my hands gently in my lap and I said "please make them look pretty too!"
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I showered every other day to every day. It just felt so good to have the water running over me. I used Antibacterial Safegard soap for months after surgery. I was so frightened of infection! Maybe you could get a different medication prescribed for you. Percocet is quite strong, maybe something like Tylenol with Codeine would be enough to help with the pain, but not leave you so foggy. Try taking two docusate sodium twice daily to get your digestive system working, then once it is you could back of to one twice daily until you are going to the bathroom regularly. Your mom sounds like a blessing!
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Thanks for the tip. My husband is making a run to the store for supplies and I will add that to our list!
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New pic looks great! Thanks for sharing :-)
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