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I'm in Oklahoma City, Wow these horror stories got...

I'm in Oklahoma City, Wow these horror stories got me postponing any mistake. We only have one face. A Dr.Kent is here in Oklahoma. Anyone get a LSL from him??
I thought it was odd on how fast they got me in for a consultation, and they'll throw in a free laser for my chest if I give them a deposit tomorrow.


Thank you for starting your story here on RealSelf. Research, research, research! And please keep us posted on this journey and what you decide to do. We are here for you, so ping me any time.
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Debyok, go with your gut. I appears you are already having issues with it. I don't know what was included with your LSL quote but where I live NC/VA a neck & midface lift by a top notch board certified plastic surgeon is around the same price as your quote by LSL. Keep looking, I would consult at least 3 different PS's, find one that you are comfortable with. :) Keep us informed!
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Dr. Kent

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