Dark Spots, Small White Bumps Under Eyes - Oklahoma City, OK

I have had four fraxel treatments over the past...

I have had four fraxel treatments over the past 4-5 months. I was hoping to get get smoother skin across my checks where I had some enlarged pores and acne scars. I also had a small area a pregnancy mask I wanted to get rid of. The first session I had was great. It made my skin smoother, pores smaller, and got rid of the pregnancy mask.

The 2nd session they turned up the laser. At the 3rd session I pointed out to the docter a dark spot I had under one eye that was not there before. She did not act like it was a big deal and prescribed HydroQ4/Ka2/RAO.05/TMCO.05%. She told me to put it on my face every night before I went to bed. She then told me she was going to turn the laser up even more for the 3rd session, so that I would get really good results. When I went in for the fourth session I had brown spots under both eyes and a little bit on one cheek. The told me the were going to use a diffrent laser for the 4th session that would help more with pigment. It did fade the spots a littl bit. I have also noticed a few very small white bumps unders my eyes.

It was more painful each time, but was tolerably for me. I usually had a dew days down time. My skin would stay dark and would peel for about a week. They did numb my skin before hand and gave me a device that blew cool air on face during the procedure.

My questions for everyone is will the bumps go away? If I had another session done at the setting it was the first time, that seemed to get rid of the pregnancy mask, would it get rid of the dicoloration that I have now? I am starting to get very worried and need advice. Should I go to a dermatologist and see what the think? I am overall so far happy with the texture of my skin, but am very upset about the discoloration. Can this evr be fixed? I have a dark complexion.

Dr. Victoria Johnson (Laser Light Skin Clinic)

Feel they used the laser on too high of a setting for my dark complexion which caused the dark spots. After researching they should have left the laser on a low setting, and even after I pointed out the drak spots they continued to act like it was not from the laser and kept turning up each time. I wish i would have done my research first.

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Dr. Johnson has done all 5 of my Re:Pairs, and that was the best decision I have ever made. You had Fraxel Re:store, a non-ablative laser. It is an injustice that they call this Fraxel Reviews, because Fraxel is only one-half of the name of a laser.
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Had 4 very painful sessions w/Fraxel, finishing last July, 2009..After a few months it was supposed to take maximum effect and build up Collagen beneath the surface of my skin. . But after all this time I do not see any difference at all in my skin texture,except now tiny bumps (cysts)have appeared under my eyes. After researching find that they most likely were caused by Fraxel as I never had anything like them before.
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Hey, I'm truly sorry you have to go through a skin ordeal such as that, I empathize as I have dealt with similar circumstances and so understand the emotions you may be dealing with. I was just wondering though how the results of the Fraxel went? Did it improve your acne scars, and how much? May I ask what type of scars you had and what skin type you have? Thank you so much for your answers and I really hope things get better.
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It did help my scars a little, it mostly smoothed my large pores on my cheeks. I had pretty light scarring, but very large pores. I wish I had stopped after my first treatment. I think my skin looked wonderful after the first treatment. It made my pores smaller, skin smoother, and had done away with any discolored spot. Now with all the dicoloration, I am just as upset with it as I am the large pores to begin with. I have dark complected, oily skin.
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hmm..sounds like your skin is very similar to mine. I'm okay with my pores, its my scars that I want treated, they range from light to mild. They're very difficult for me to deal with mentally. Anyway I've heard that hyper-pigmentation post-Fraxel usually is very very treatable if doesn't go away by itself. So I have very high hopes for things getting better for you, especially that now you have improved skin texture, once your discolouration is improved, things will look very bright for you I'm very sure. Not to keep bothering you, but may I ask how much improvement you saw on your scars, as your case is so similar to mine (skin texture/type & treatment), in terms of percentage, and in terms of how much better you feel you look (as superficial as that sounds =P). Thanks so much.
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It made my scars much lighter. When I have makup on now, I don't think anyone even notices them. They are much less deeper into the skin then before. I think it helped the scars, pores, texture, and smoothness of my skin by like 75%. I feel so much more confident with and without makeup now! It is even much easier to where makup because it goes on so much smoother. I am still using a cream to help the dark spots fade. I went into a last consultation at the place that did the fraxel. They said they thought the discoloration would go away after time. I am just trying to wear sunblock and stay out of the sun. Let me know if you have any other question!
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