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I want smaller breast but nervous about having not...

I want smaller breast but nervous about having not enough tissue after explant. Can anyone tell me if they are happy with their explant? Currently 40DD and naturally 34 B. I had a visit with the Dr and he thought my breasts might look more long and offered a implant. I don't want BIG BOOBS anymore! !
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If your PS thinks your breasts will look long and you are uncomfortable with that, you can look into a lift. Or you can just get the implants removed and see what you think. I personally think it's hard to predict how anyone will look without implants as it depends so much on your implants and natural tissue and skin elasticity.

Please keep us posted!
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I am having my explant on the 15th. My dr actually removed some of my tissue during my BA :(. I'm terrified of how small they will be I was a A/B before surgery. Most women's stories I have read have not complained about loosing too much tissue, most of us are just happy to have them out!
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Hi and welcome...please read my review and see if it helps....I am 10 weeks out and am so glad to be natural....went from b/c cup to a g now a dd/e or a c cup in sports bras....so glad to be natural again ...best of luck xxxx
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Thank you!!
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