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As a pioneer I can tell you I was told silcone...

As a pioneer I can tell you I was told silcone implants would last a lifetime! Now think about it... you got 10 years or less to come up with twice what it cost you today in 10 years- maybe you'll have the money maybe you won't.

Now let me tell you what is happening to me:
I am a RN who bought into the hype that even most of the medical community supports there are no real health problems associated with breast implants. I was aware that I have a ruptured implant but was never told that silicone could migrate to other parts of my body. They're totally safe aren't they. Five years ago I developed chronic joint & muscle pain, as well as constant fatigue. I went to doctors who diagnosed me with fibromyalgia . I started on medications and was told current thoughts are that this is a nervous system syndrome.

My symptoms have progressively gotten worse. Today I have pain and burning going down both arms most painful at the elbows. Sometimes generalized fatigue and whole body pain makes me feel as if it's a significant chore to even walk my dog. I am rarely without pain. Recently I developed chest wall pain and shortness of breath.

A dear friend called me after seeing a "special" on the problems of breast implants & convinced me to look into it as she said" the symptoms are exactly as you've described to me". I was doubtful as fibromyalgia has been described way before breast implants however I'm so sick now I'll look at anything that might explain it.

The thing that convinced me that breast implants are ABSOLUTELY the cause of my symptoms were other patients were describing the exact same burning and pain I also have in my arms.
Explantation is far more complicated once it's gone this far but you will need to read more scientific articles from doctors who are not afraid to tell the truth.

Keep in mind this is a big profitable business and you are a repeat customer every 10 years or sooner- there are many benefits to manufactures & doctors to ignore the truth.
I am currently looking for the right person to remove my implants and praying my health will improve.

Think about it....

Thanks for posting your story on RealSelf! There are certainly several women on the site who feel implants have caused or worsened autoimmune diseases. If you haven't already, check out the breast implant removal community.

I was a perfectly healthy person until the past 5 years. Fibromyalgia is not considered an autoimmune disease. The most recent indication is that it is a central nervous system disorder. Silicone toxicity also causes central nervous system issues hence my connection.
Hi designer1. I have tried twice to post this message so if you read it more than once - sorry as I don't know where the other posts went to ? My surgeon is here in the UK. I didn't tell her about my ME symptoms as I already told my story to the 4 surgeons that I saw before her and they all dismissed the connection between autoimmune disease and silicone as rubbish. She just said that I should listen to my body and if things didn't seem right then the implants should come out, she is removing the lymph nodes as they have silicone in = 2 on the right and 1 on the left side approx 1.5cm each, this is PIP silicone from previous implants. I know that I became sick approx 4 years ago and have only this year admitted to myself that it is the implants that have caused it although I must add that my immune system has always been on the weak side, I easily pick up infections but I do work with kids every day so usually have put it down to picking up their germs. Have a look on google at CJ's story and also check out Dr Edward Melmed in Texas. I did contact him as we were willing to travel anywhere for the bast treatment, but then I found this surgeon closer to home. Dr Melmed has a fantastic reputation as an explant surgeon and beleives that women Do get sick from implants. Good luck with your search, I'm sure you will find the right surgeon for your needs. Take care xx
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