DR.Jimerson or Dr Cortez? - Oklahoma City, OK

Want great results!!!! I am in Oklahoma city so im...

Want great results!!!! I am in Oklahoma city so im for sure traveling some where texas is much closer than georgia... but if jimerson does better work, than i will go all the way to georgia... wat do u ladies think???:)

I am 5'2
Weight 135
And dont know my measurements.. :( i will find out tho... i wear size 5in pants...

Also im no just looking for the bbl i want my hips fuller!! I WANT CURVES!!!!:)

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I am considering Dr. Cortez too. I just joined but his results look amazing!
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look at some ladies on here who have used Dr. Cortez. He does GREAT work
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I'm n Houston n cortez was my local choice but I am now going to Atl with dr j. You don't want to have regrets so go wherever you think you will get the look u want. Z
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thank u desired1 i looked at their b4 and after pictures, and i defenetly liked dr. j's work bettter!:)
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