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I and a mother of 2 and a student working for my...

I and a mother of 2 and a student working for my associates degree. Over the past year I have lost a lot of weight going from 210 to 160. After maintaining 160 ish for about 4 months, I have decided to investagate a TT. Tomorrow is my 2nd consultation with the doctor. Planning for the procedure in January while i take online classes to aid in recovery. My husband has had some reservations about the TT d/t complications. This journey is for me and whoever that follows.

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Today I went to the surgeons office for final eval...

Today I went to the surgeons office for final eval. Got the total pricing $7128. Tentitive date is January 17, 2012 which will put me right on track. Now a lil nervous about the timing and hearing I will have drains but hopefully everything falls in place. Dr is going a lil lower then pelvic line which is ok by me.


Welcome to RealSelf.  Thank you for posting your journey and sharing with all of us.  

Don't stress over the drains.  They serve a good purpose and will be out before you know it.  Yes, they are annoying but not so bad.

Have your hubby read some of the great stories here on the site and that should put him at ease.  Also let him take a look at some of the after pictures.   They are afraid of the unknown which is totally natural.  

Do you plan on doing on-line classes through your entire recovery?  I think you may like that!

Keep us up to date on your pre op preparation and also and exact date when you have it.

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Hey girl! May I ask who you have chosen to do your surgery?
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hi alz...i gonna be having my tt on jan 24 also,,,so good luck for us january tters :)
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