Smartlipo Done on Upper/lower Abs/love Handles

Today is day 3 post procedure. I have quite a bit...

Today is day 3 post procedure. I have quite a bit of bruising, mainly in the pubic area. 1 of 6 incisions is still bleeding slightly. I will be back to work tomorrow which will not be a problem. I plan on walking the treadmill too.

So far I see a difference. I'm a petite woman but decided to do this because I could not get rid of the post pregnancy (17 yrs ago) pouch for nothing.

It seeams like my lower left ab right now is slightly puffier than my right one. I still have fat that kinda overlaps my belly button which is a huge reason why I wanted to get this done. I'm going to be confident that in 5 weeks, it will be the way I want it to. I highly recommend massaging the area you get done too!


Since you have had the surgery how do you feel about the results now?
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