Created More Veins, Did Not Remove Old Ones - Ohio

I have had numerous schlerotherapy treatments....

I have had numerous schlerotherapy treatments. Probably at least 7 treatments. It has never helped and two times it actually made things worse. I had one spot where I had hardly anything, and my doctor, who was trying not to miss anything, treated that area too. Now, (and right after) I have a huge mass of broken veins. From a few feet away it looks like a big bruise. I am so bummed as I do not know how to make things better and I don't feel like I can wear shorts anymore.

do i need treatment for vaolcrceie?hi. i've had swollen veins in my scrotum for aslong as i can remember which never caused me pain so i always thought it was normal. but for the last few weeks it has been causing me quite alot of pain. i've researched what it could be and stumbled upon the condition called vaolcrceie which is basically varicose veins in the left testical. most sites say no treatment is needed as it is common and usually harmless. but the condition is affecting my testosterone levels ( i assume this as i'm 20 and dont get chest hair and barely can grow anything close to a beard) . also i am confident that it affects my adrenalin glands because i have very little energy most of the time and am always feeling worn out. feeling worn out means i avoid exercise because i dont have the energy and not doing much through the day causing me sleeping problems. i am also concerned i might not be able to have kids later on.does anyone with experience in this condition no if treatment is needed or will it pass?i'd go to the doctor but i am shy and would find this embarrasing.please help. thanks


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The reason you have more veins showing up after the 1st session, is due to the fact that after the treated vein dicipates, the smaller veins have to take over for the lost vein. Therefore they are under greater pressure, and often fail, especially if you are not wearing compression stockings. the "new" veins that pop up can be cured with further sessions of sclerotherapy. You can continue to have the therapy until you find no more varicosity. It can be expensive, and can take a few months to complete the treatment, but it is faster and easier than surgery. Your body is the reason for more and more veins popping up, not the therapy.

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