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Disappointed with Results of Restylane in Lips - Ohio

My upper lip has been very thin so I decided to...

My upper lip has been very thin so I decided to get lip injections through a doctor my mother goes to very often. He was very nice and made me very comfortable. The procedure was quick, I was done in about 10 minutes. The doctor had me ice my lips before beginning and through out the procedure, he also gave me arnica tablets to dissolve before to help prevent bruising. The restylane had lidocaine mixed in so it helped with pain and I am a sissy when it comes to shots. I had 1 cc or 1 full need injected into my upper lip. After the lidocaine wore off the pain became very awful. I felt like someone had punched me in the mouth. The swelling was very bad the first day and the following morning, I was mortified. Now that most of the swelling has gone down I am very disappointed in the results for the amount of money I spent. I feel like my lips don't look any different. I will not do this again and do not recommend.


I think your lips look fuller than before. I was thinking of doing this but if you say it's painful and not worth it,i may not. Thanks for sharing your experience.
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Also, I'm surprised to hear that doctors are still using Restylane. I've heard so many negative things, and my own experience with it was much worse than with Teosyal, Juvederm, and every other HA I tried. Restylane gave me bumps. Every Dr. I've encountered switched from Restylane to Perylane years ago, and now they seem to have switched again to Juvederm or something else. Now that I read your review more closely, I'd advise not getting Restylane again. If there's a price cut then it's still not worth the bumps and unevenness.
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ha.. oops thought I was in a more general 'fillers' section, not one specifically for Restylane use.
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