371cc or 397cc? Wants Natural Yet Right for my Frame - Ohio, IL

I'm 27 yrs old 5'4 117 lbs.w/ 4 yr old...

i'm 27 yrs old 5'4 117 lbs.w/ 4 yr old child,breastfed.went on my consultation.tried only 360 sizer.got overwhelmed and didn't try anything else..when i got home,i thought of going a bit bigger.i will have silicone gel,undermuscle,periareolar(dont hav much crease as well says PS),smooth round 371cc he says if i want the 360 look.I want Natural look but nice on my frame.dont want to look Porno but just sexy.now im stressing if i want 371 or 397.i dont want too tight on my skin and will look fake as well,so im scared of 397 but i dont want to regret and think i shoudve gone with 397... HELP..


the girl from the office said that they will order both for me. my surgery is in two weeks im so scared. till now i dont know what to get. my husband wants the 371 cc look and said that the 397cc dont look good on me bec its too big. I explained to him that it will not be that big bec. it will be under the muscle.
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he said eventhough..
When is your surgery ?
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