Had my First Peel Yesterday - Ohio

I had my dermatologist perform my peel. The actual...

I had my dermatologist perform my peel. The actual peel (70% acid) came in powder form and was mixed into a bowl of water. She applied it to my face with just a piece of gauze and then let it sit for 4 minutes. It burned worse than I expected. I have a high pain tolerance and this made my eyes water. Then she took it off and rubbed aloe vera on my face. The process goes by quickly. I had it done yesterday and havent started peeling but am a little pink and my skin feels dry.

I can update this post on the results I get. The main reason I wrote this was to let everyone know that I DO NOT recommend doing any sort of peel at home. Your face is forever and is worth the money. DO YOUR RESEARCH and find a certified dermatologist with years of experience.

Hi Jay,

Welcome to the Glycolic Peel community. How's everyone feeling today? You provided some really great info in your review. What prompted you have have the peel? Please do keep us updated as the peeling/healing continues.

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