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20s. Female. Candidate for Chin Reduction and Nasal Tip Rhinoplasty – Ohio

After many years of contemplating whether or not...

After many years of contemplating whether or not to get chin reduction surgery, I've decided it's finally time to get it done. I'd also like to correct my boxy tip nose and a small bump that I have on the bridge of my nose. Right now I'm on the search to find a skilled and board certified plastic surgeon/ dentist. I have been chatting with one doctor in particular who seems promising and skilled enough that I'd trust him to give the results that I'm looking for. I will be updating after I get further information from his office and then again after my consultation.


Congrats on your decision! Rhinoplasties are very intricate, so make sure you research your doctors carefully. Here's a list of questions to ask at your consultations. Please keep us posted on your progress!
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Thank YOU for the information! I will continue to post and keep you updated :)
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