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VERY, VERY BAD! !!!!!!! I had a 30% tca peel. I...

VERY, VERY BAD! !!!!!!! I had a 30% tca peel. I already have the outcome on here as to my experience. Long story short, my face is a scared up mess and yes i had it done professionally. Today i drove for the second time two hours to see a dermatologist, he confirmed what i already knew. The dr. Who did my peel burned my face. Leaving it a SCARED up mess. I wish i would have never done the peel. I had a very pretty face and i just wish i had it back. I wish i wouldn't have let a couple marks on my face make me decide to have a tca peel. Now, well lets just say i hate people looking at me :( i hate being in public :(

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He totally messed up my face and then on my check ups, blew it off.

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dont do laser treatments, i wouldnt recomend laser to anyone for anything..
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I went to see the revised surgeon. He's supose to be really good and been doing this for 33 years. He said my face received 2nd / 3rd % burns from the 30% tca peel, and now i have scarred tissue. He suggested doing "Intralesional injections". I was all for it until i looked info.up on it. There is chances of this leaving indents in the face, i read that these injections destroy the bad & good tissue, thins your skin out. I just don't know. After going through what i did w/ the tca peel, i'm concerned about messing up my face more. One of the dr. On here did say something about getting steroid injections as well, so is it a good idea? Idk. My dr. Also said he would recommend laser treatments as well for the redness. Theres nothing he can do about the whitish marks on my face. I need advice. Has anybody had the injections done, the laser treatments? Performed these treatments? Please tell me about it. Thank you
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He told me he couldn't fix what happened. But he gave me a couple scrips and is havening me see a revision surgeon. That apointment isn't until May. I hope he will be able to do something.
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Me too. Until then, try to keep your spirits up and lean on us - we are here to offer you support!!

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Thank you so much, that means alot.
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I'm so sorry to hear this. Did the dermatologist you just saw offer any advice on what can be done from here?


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