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I'm 20 years old and i've been wanting a reduction...

I'm 20 years old and i've been wanting a reduction for quite some time. I developed really early wearing an a cup in the fourth grade and grew about a cup size every year. now i weigh about 150lbs and i wear a 36DDD/34F depending on where i get it. its nearly impossible for me to find shirts that fit my bust and my waist so i just wear t-shirts all the time. V necks are out of the question and i constantly am having back, neck and shoulder pains, not to mention the indents on my shoulders. my mother had the same problem and about 5 or 6 years ago she had a BR and went down to a C cup.
I want to be able to run with my boyfriend but i can only jog and for a short time because the weight of my breasts. sometimes i can feel the strain on my skin and it scares me. im paying about 50 to 60 dollars per bra and for a college student that is crazy to me.

i've been looking at a lot of before and after pictures on the internet and some of them really scare me. ive never had any kind of major surgery and im terrified of scars. but at the same time im super excited to make my consultation appointment. im excited to buy a swim suit and cute shirts with strappy backs and not be afraid to wear v necks. i feel like im hiding behind my boobs, but i also feel like they've always been who i am. i've always been Donna: that girl with the huge boobs. but they're almost a shell i want to break out of.

i would love to be able to go to a DD or a D i dont want to go any smaller than that because i do enjoy having cleavage haha. i'm really happy i found this website because i was able to find other women who've had the same experiences and issues that i have. its really comforting to know im not the only one. i have the biggest boobs of anyone i know. its really amazing to see the courage you ladies have and it's inspiring to me.

I know how you feel. i'm a tall (5'10") 34g and i've always had big boobies. I'm the girl that people always making jokes like DANG those r big. I have horrible back and neck pain too. I've just decided i wanted to do this recently. i love my boobs but i just can't do it anymore. i have my first consult with my PS next week.
Oh ebay and UK bra companies have become my friend. its hard to find bras with small bands. u r not alone

You are going to do great, Donna! I was a 34H and am now a 34DD. I actually would like to be a bit smaller, but am thankful to not be as large as I use to be. I actually got my first real swim suit a couple of weeks ago and wore it to a waterpark yesterday and was shocked that I stayed in it all day. Not once did I have to adjust myself, and there was no threat of flopping out of it while flying down a water slide! What an amazing day it was for me!

Good luck and keep us posted!
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