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I am 15 days post op and having consistent pain in...

I am 15 days post op and having consistent pain in medial, lower side of one breast. No visible swelling/bruising or any outward sign of problem. Doc says things look fine. Feels like a pulled muscle would feel. Pain is severe, sharp pain when moving from or to sitting position or lying down. Can't lay flat. My movements have to be very restricitive to keep the consistent pain from turning into that sharp extreme pain. My other breast feels totally fine. PS says give it another week b/c he's not concerned with implant or surg per se. No extra pain from breathing. Not sure when I could've hurt myslef. Didn't drive until 7 days post op. Don't feel good rt now and am scared something serious has happened.

Hi Sylvania, how are you feeling now? I am almost 3 months post-op and I'm feeling the same pain you describe. The outer side of my right breast hurts but only when getting up from lying down. My breasts looks fine, softer and they don't hurt at all during the day, but the nights are very uncomfortable. I hope you're feeling better.

I'm sorry you're experiencing this pain. You might want to post a question to a doctor here on RealSelf (preferably with a photo).

Here's a question and doctor answers about a woman who had a sharp pain after receiving breast implants.

Good luck and please keep us posted on how you're feeling.

Hey, that happened to me... do not worry... i had terrible pain in right hand breast especially when getting up from lying down... it woke me up at night it was sooooo painful...my surgeon told me it was probably a damaged/ pulled muscle... you will be glad to know that the pain went away at between 3 and 4 weeks... take ibuprofen before sleeping and try to push yourself up with your arms not to engage the abs or chest muscles...also keep sleeping propped up..
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