Breast Revision and Horrible Rash from Medicine - Ohio, OH

I had a breast augmentation 16 years ago and my...

i had a breast augmentation 16 years ago and my right one deflated so I choose to have a revision (from saline to silicone). the surgery went fine, however i was allergic to one of the meds and had to have 2 shots of steroids to get it under control. Am worried now rash will not go away and do not want it to stall my recovery. My right breast feels much firmer than the left. I am just worrying a lot about the rash and recovery now......
You might try something to balance your immune system. It sounds like it's in a very overactive mode right now. Mine was out of whack for awhile after surgery so I took Immunocal to balance it. Helps with GI problems too. :) Surgery throws your whole system off for awhile, so it's common to have unusual immune reactions or lack thereof (colds, flu, etc). Hope that helps!
Thanks...did you have a rash too?
Yes, I had red irritated skin under the taped areas and little red bumps that seemed like toxins being purged.
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