49 5 kids, experiencing a flood of illnesses - Ogden, UT

I would like en bloc; i have mentor saline implants...

I would like en bloc; i have mentor saline implants (in 1994) by dr.ralston. i have experienced illnesses sent inplant in 1994; have been diagnosed sle and ms, chronic headaches, now joint, neck and ar m pain, shoulder pain, fatiue, fibromyalgia, hair loss, hormonal problems, lack of energy, i am sick all the time for one thing or another. i have had these same implants for 20 years.


And you sound like you have everything I had but I also had dizziness and nausea non stop. Sick everyday. ...I got mine out and within a month was symptom free. Good luck girl
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Allnaturalplease - So are you symptom free now? You give me hope - explanting 17 sept 2014
Dr. MELMED en bloc for certain. He healed me from all my illnesses.
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Ogden Plastic Surgeon

ba was great,no complaints other than one side, the nipple sits lower.but i have had may health issues and just want them removed and possibly lifted. i cannot deal with the ongoing medical problems i have been experiencing for 20 years.

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