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I decided to consult with a few doctors concerning...

I decided to consult with a few doctors concerning the structure of my nose tip. I do not have a bump or hump, just a deformed droopy tip. I never liked my nose especially the tip and would avoid pictures at times. I debated on the surgery for about 3 years and I am going to go for it. My expectations are that I do not have a different nose just more of a proportional tip and no droopy business when I smile. I shopped around for a few doctors before I found the surgeon I trusted most. During my consult , Dr.Graham was most informative and he analyzed every angle of my nose. I also wanted my surgery to be performed at a credible facility by a experienced surgeon . Dr. G was everything I was looking for. My surgery will be in August and I am counting down the day's.

angle when I smile

front angle.

Goal: tip proportion
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Did you have your surgery?
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In not trying to change your mind, cause I know it won't work lol. But you actually have very nice nose and you are super beautiful. I can see to what might bother you, im a perfectionist...so I'm glad you will only fix the tip. You have great facial features. Good luck dear
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Its is but I am only having a tip plasty performed. The cost associated with tip plasty is generally less. Dr.Graham is great, very knowledgeable in his feild of practice.
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Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! It sounds like you've found a surgeon you're comfortable with. Here's a list of supplies that might come in handy for you during recovery. Please keep us posted as you get nearer your big day!

Will you be posting photos so we can watch your transformation?

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