32 Hormonal Acne - Oceanside, CA

I have tried everything.. Everything! So this was...

I have tried everything.. Everything! So this was a looking like a promising solution to my horrible acne skin! I only started to suffer from acne at 26yrs., and here I am at 32 still suffering. I did 4 treatments and am left with closed comedones all over!! So after all that money and down time a no
I have hormonal acne taht started at 35 and still no solution :( havent tried Accutane yet but scared becuase of the side effects. Have any birth control tablets worked for you? Was thining about trying laser but mine looks very simliar to yours (just covers more of my ace) so worried I'll have the same results...
Thank you for sharing your treatment details with us.  This must be very frustrating for you:(
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I have an adrenal disease so I know my acne is hard to treat.. However. I never had small closed comedones and now they're all over! It was a lot of down time and a lot of money. So over all I wouldn't suggest it

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